SCKF bylaws notes

This page is for SCKF dojo representatives only. It is intended to assist in understanding possible changes to the bylaws.

  • 2001 bylaws
  • 10/11/08: initial revision (discussed at 10/11/08 Board meeting)
  • 10/15/08: 2nd draft (remove liability section, allow exceptions to 2-term limit, specify election by simple majoity, change to smaller font)
  • 10/31/08: 3rd draft (article VIII: remove finance committee from section 1, fix section 7-10 numbering )

Summary of initial draft and 2nd draft changes with respect to 2001 bylaws:

  • general classes of changes
    • addresss bylaws changes thought to have been added by the Board
    • clean up language and usage of specific terms, for example:
      • member dojo (not member kenshi)
      • Dojo Representatives (who have rights to elect officers and change the bylaws) and Board of Directors (dojo representatives, elected officers, and appointed officers) (not Board of Directors vs Board)
    • remove restrictions to Southern California region
    • clean up probation/termination sections
    • clean up officers section
    • other
  • article I - general provisions
    • remove "Los Angeles region" section
  • article II - objectives
    • remove Southern California region restriction
  • article III- membership
    • remove Southern California region restriction
    • require "Kendo" in dojo name
    • move individual members definition to article VI
    • 2nd draft: expand section 6 after deletion of liability section
    • move probation section to article IV
  • article IV - termination of membership
    • rename to "probation and termination of membership" and describe both
  • article V - membership fees
    • no significant change
  • article VI - board of directors and officers
    • define Dojo Representatives and allow a dojo to have only one
    • remove parliamentarian, move duties to executive secretary and historians
    • make historian an appointed office and add a second historian
    • remove certificate chairperson
    • 1st draft: add term limit of two 2-year terms
      2nd draft: modify to allow exceptions
    • move duties descriptions to article VIII
  • article VII - election of officers
    • 2nd draft: specify election by simple majority
  • article VIII - duties of officers
    • move any duties descriptions from article VI to here
    • move parliamentarian duties to executive secretary and historians
    • move membership records to historians
    • 3rd draft: remove finance committee from section 1 (should be described elsewhere, not in bylaws)
    • 3rd draft: fix section 7-10 numbering
  • article IX - advisors
    • no significant change
  • article X - meetings
    • no significant change
  • article XI - tournaments
    • no significant change
  • article XII - representation to auskf
    • remove section
  • article XIII - fiscal year
    • no significant change
  • article XIV - liability
    • 1st draft: replace with auskf coverage and release of liability form
      2nd draft: remove section
  • article XV - amendments
    • no significant change

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