Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Shinpan Seminar
Sunday, 3/15/08
9am - 5pm
Covina Dojo

  • each dojo complete sign up sheet and return to Tim Yuge by Sat March 7th. Note: SCKF will buy obento for 7 dan and 8 dan senseis, but you must put their names on the form.
  • seminar is open to all yudansha, but only 3-dan and above may actively participate
  • participation in shinpan seminar and kata seminar will be required to try for 4dan at the SCKF shinsa.
  • all seminar participants are required to:
    • bring bogu and shimpan-ki
    • participate in shiai
    • bring FIK Kendo Rules and Regulation Book ("green book"), 2000 or 2006
      Note: e-bogu is currently out of stock on the book, but may receive a shipment just before the seminar.

    Prior to attending the seminar, each participant (including 3-dan) should review the rule book to familiarize yourselves with the basic referee terminologies and general rules. Seminar time will be limited so these items are important for your active participation. Dojos should conduct practice shiai for participants prior to the seminar, and encourage your participants to be familiar with the basic referee commands. Head instructors should also attend the seminar as they need to know what is expected of their kenshi for referee requirements this year.

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