Southern California
Kendo Federation


Shinkyu Shinsa
Sunday 10/25/09, 9am
Wilson Park, Torrance

  • sign-up cover letter sent to each dojo (PDF)
    • a roster for each dojo was also sent. On this roster, ineligility (indicated by "x") was determined by rank, rank date, and age. If any of this information is missing for your kenshi, ineligibility is automatic. Please provide any missing information to restore eligibility. For ranks received outside SCKF, a menjo must be provided.
    • forms are due 9/21
    • forms must include rank, birthdate, height, and weight for each participant
    • for those trying for 3dan and 4dan, also include seminar participation (required for 4dan)
    • head instructors: please review recommended guidelines for requesting ranks on the SCKF guidelines for promotion page

  • see the AUSKF for promotional examination study guide. This is a good reference for participants, examiners, and instructors. The written examination questions are taken from it.

  • written tests are required for everyone requesting 1kyu and above.
    • click on a link below for a link to the appropriate test form (pdf):
      1kyu 1dan 2dan 3dan 4dan
    • the tests must be turned in at sign-in time
    • be sure to write your name and participant number on your written test

  • tentative schedule
    see also court assignments and schedule sheet (pdf)
    • 8:00am: set up
      toban dojos: CM, COV, JCI, JT, NOR, SFV, VEN, YKJ
      (see toban list and court set up)
    • 8:15am: registration meeting
    • 8:30am: examiners meeting
    • 8:30am: coordinators, announcers, and tachiai meeting
    • all applicants requesting 3kyu or higher, plus youth 4kyu:
      • plan to arrive early so you can be ready well before 9am
      • you must be dressed in keikogi and hakama and bring your tare when you sign in
      • those testing for 1kyu and above must turn in completed written tests at sign-in
    • 9:30am: sign-in closes all divisions; no late participants allowed!
    • 9:40am: end warm ups and clear courts
      • note: warm ups cannot begin until all meetings have concluded
    • 10:00am: start kendo portion of shinsa
      • before 10am: all participants line up in rows in your respective courts facing the examiner tables for opening rei
    • 10:15am kenshi requesting 1kyu meet with shinsa coordinator to record kata partners (see kata notes below)
    • before lunch: examiners available to provide feedback
    • after lunch: start kata portion of shinsa
    • before results meeting: examiners available to provide feedback
    • 4:00pm results meeting with head instructors and dojo representatives

  • applicants requesting youth 6 kyu, youth 5 kyu, or adult 4 kyu are awarded their rank automatically based on the head instructor's recommendation, and do not need to attend the shinsa. Note: these kenshi must be practicing kendo in full bogu.

  • blank form for non-SCKF participants (PDF)
    Note: you will need the approval and signature of your regional federation. Please also be sure to get approval from your dojo head instructor.

  • Wilson Park map and directions

Note:"PDF" files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

  • rules for requesting ranks:
    • 12 years and over: cannot request 6 kyu
    • 14 years and over: cannot request 6 kyu or 5 kyu
    • requesting 1 dan: must be 1 kyu and 14 years or older
    • requesting 2 dan: must have 1 dan for at least 1 year
    • requesting 3 dan: must have 2 dan for at least 2 years
    • requesting 4 dan: must have 3 dan for at least 3 years
    • requesting 5 dan and higher: not covered by SCKF shinsa
    • you may request "-" or "+" kyu ranks, e.g. "1-" for "ikkyu ge"
  • preparations for shinsa day
    • keikogi and hakama
      • keikogi and hakama should not show markings, for example dojo patch, team logo, or slogans
      • remove nafuda (tare name tag) for the shinsa
    • written examination
      • each applicant requesting 1 kyu or higher must submit a completed written tests at sign-in.
  • shinsa day
    • see schedule notes at top of page
    • sign in before the deadline. Sign in tables will be inside the gym.
      • change into keikogi and hakama, and bring your tare to the sign in table
      • a label with your participant number will be applied to the center flap of your tare
      • applicants for 1kyu and above must turn in completed written tests at sign-in
      • keikogi and hakama should not show markings (for example dojo patch or team logo); if they do they will be covered by tape
    • kendo
      • each participant will perform kendo with two other applicants requesting the same rank, and a board of examiners will determine the new rank, if any. Follow the instructions of the tachiai on your court.
      • be at your court BEFORE your division starts. Even if you signed in before the deadline, if you are not ready to go before your division performs opening rei, you will not be allowed to participate.
      • remain at your court until all participants in your division finish testing, at which time your division will perform closing rei
      • for those requesting yudansha ranks: after your division is done, stay together near your court The kendo test results will be tallied and announced. For those who passed, participant numbers for kata partners will be recorded by the shinsa coordinator.
    • kata
      • each applicant requesting 1 kyu or higher must be prepared to perform kata in front of the board of examiners. Note: #8 through #10 use the kodachi (short sword).
        • 1 kyu: #1 through #3
        • 1 dan: #1 through #5
        • 2 dan: #1 through #7
        • 3 dan: #1 through #10
        • 4 dan: #1 through #10
      • for 1 kyu
        • all applicants will perform kata regardless of whether they have been awarded 1kyu in the kendo portion
        • applicants may select their kata partner. The partner must also be testing for 1 kyu.
        • youth kyu and adult kyu may partner together (if so one will do kata on a different court than they did kendo)
        • meet with the shinsa coordinator near court D first thing in the morning (right after the shinsa has begun) to record kata partners
        • if you lack a kendo partner, you will be paired with someone who also lacks a partner
        • if there is an odd number of kenshi, one kenshi will do kata twice (the second performance does not count)
      • for yudansha applicants
        • only those who have passed the kendo portion will perform kata
        • be sure to stay near your court after finishing the kendo portion of the test. The shinsa coordinator will announce who passed the kendo test and will then record kata pairs for those who passed.
        • if you lack a kendo partner, you will be paired with someone who also lacks a partner
        • if there is an odd number of kenshi, one kenshi will do kata twice (the second performance does not count)
      • you will have at least 15 minutes to practice prior to the kata test
        • each applicant must be able to perform both the uchidachi and shidachi roles
        • the role will be randomly assigned when your turn comes on the court
  • menjo (rank certificates)
    • do not bring a check for menjo to the shinsa.
    • an official menjo requisition form created from the official results of the shinkyu shinsa will be emailed to each dojo after the shinsa
      • the menjo will be printed with names as they appear on the form
      • if you wish to make any name corrections (eg use middle name), you must edit the form and return it in electronic format. Please include a note describing the change in detail.
    • menjo fees will be printed on the form. Note that AUSKF now only offers English menjo.
    • menjo fees are not optional; a kenshi who does not pay the fee to AUSKF will remain at their old rank.
    • make check payable to Southern California Kendo Federation (not abbreviated "SCKF").
    • send your check and modified form, if necessary, by 11/1/09 to Jean Kodama (see contact info on the sign-up cover letter)

  • All examiners and volunteers please arrive before 8:30am so we can start and end our meetings on time (8:15am for registration volunteers, 8am if your dojo has toban)
    • 8:15am meeting of registration volunteers
    • 8:30am meeting of examiners
    • 8:30am meeting of coordinators, announcers, and tachiai

  • List of examiners and volunteers (alphabetical)
    • Examiners:
      Please wear coat and tie.
      Abe T (STYO), Anderson E (STYO), Arima K (STYO), Chinen K (GED), Harada B (STYO), Henmi M (NOR), Hosokawa H (CM), Hosokawa S (CM), Hosokawa Y (CM), Kato T (COV), Kinno K (OCB), Mizobe C (WS), Nagatani N (CHUO), Park J (ACE), Sakaue M (COV), Shikai M (CHUO), Shoraku T (CM), Tew S (COV), Yamasaki J (PCI), Yang C (TOR), Yuge T (TOR)

    • Coordinators:
      Please wear SCKF polo shirt, or a plain polo or dress shirt
      Olson B (CM), Sakae Minoru (STYO), Shinada S (STYO), Yamamoto J (SD)

    • Announcers:
      Please wear SCKF polo shirt, or a plain polo or dress shirt
      Bailey D (SFV), Inouye J (VEN) Tew T (IS), Urata G (SS)

    • Tachiai:
      Please wear keikogi and hakama
      Brown J (TOR), Brown N (TOR), Chinen K (COV), Chinen K (GED), Kim HS (TOR), Mori K (TOR), Sakae Mitsuyo (STYO), Shieh A (TOR), Tamura S (OCB), Tominaga R (TOR), Uto R (JCI), Yoo S (TOR)

    • Registration and timekeepers:
      Please wear keikogi and hakama
      Choi S (TOR), Kanamori S (TOR), Kuwabara S (TOR), Mahoney R (TOR)

    • Other:
      Yamaguchi T (NOR): head examiner
      Kodama J (NOR), Morisaku Y (CHUO): head coordinators

    • Onegaishimasu!

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