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Shodai Sensei Visit

Shodai Kenji sensei, 2008 All Japan Kendo Champion, will be visiting Southern California in November. He is with the Kanagawa Police Department and specializes in jodan-no-kamae.

The following events are planned:

  • Sat 11/21
    • kendo seminar
      • 3:00-5:00pm at Wilson Park (arrive 2:15pm)
      • content includes basics of kendo, basics of jodan-no-kamae, offense/defense to jodan-no-kamae
      • open to all kenshi
    • welcome party
      • 6:30-8:30pm at Sea Empress Restaurant, Gardena
      • $30 per person includes tax but not drinks
      • rsvp by 11/8 to Okawa sensei
    • see flier for details on Saturday events, including dinner sign up form

  • Sun 11/22
    • kendo seminar
      • 9am-12pm at Norwalk Dojo     *** NOTE TIME CHANGE! ***
      • for 3dan and above; spectators welcome
    • lunch will be served after the seminar
      • please give a head count by dojo to Yamasaki sensei no later than Thursday 11/19 (include parents and all attendees)
      • responses so far: Costa Mesa (10), Cypress (5), Industry (3), Norwalk (30), OCB (4) PCI (6), San Diego (1), Sho Tokyo (10), Torrance (15)

  • these events are open to SCKO, SCKF, and WKF members

  • see photos by Dennis Ralutin: Saturday, Sunday

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