Southern California
Kendo Federation


2010 All Japan Junior High School Kendo
Overseas Training Tour
Sat-Tue 3/20-23/10

updated 3/15/10

Excerpt from email from Tagawa sensei, AUSKF Education Committee chair:

  • Seven winners of the All Japan Kendo Dojo Renmei Championships (Junior High School division) will visit Los Angeles (March 20-22), Seattle (March 23-24), and San Jose (March 25-27) under the auspices of the All Japan Kendo Dojo Renmei. This is their first overseas kendo training/cultural exchange program for junior high school students.

    One of the highlights of the program is to "home stay" with same age group kendo students and they need your assistance. They are looking for host families who will be willing to share their time with them. The students are 13, 14, or 15 year-old Japanese junior high school students who are expected to represent Japanese kendo in the next generation.

  • SCKF schedule letter
  • full AUSKF schedule
Schedule summary
  • Sat 3/20:
    arrive at LAX
    afternoon sight-seeing
    evening practice, West LA Dojo, 6:30pm
  • Sun 3/21:
    afternoon Goodwill Match and Practice at Venice Dojo, 1pm
    goodwill party at Venice Dojo following keiko
  • Mon 3/22:
    daytime sight-seeing
    evening practice, Norwalk Dojo, 7pm
  • Tue 3/23:
    depart to Seattle
AJKF guest roster
  • Leader Tadanori OTA Sub-Leader Yoshikazu MIYAZAWA Head Coach Hitoshi SHIME
  • Student 1 Kensuke HIROTA 15 Male Team Student 2 Takaaki SOGA 15 Male Team Student 3 Yukichika NAGAI 15 Male Team Student 4 Hiroyuki SANADA 15 Male Team Student 5 Daiki MOCHIHARA 16 Male Team Student 6 Kentaro TOMITA 16 Male Individual Men's Student 7 Ami ITOYAMA 14 Female Individual Women's Student 8 Misa Kudo 15 Female Speech contest

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