Southern California
Kendo Federation


2010 North-South Tournament
Sunday, 4/18/10
Wilson Park, Torrance

(updated 4/18/10)

  • tournament divisions
    • individual competition
      • kyu 10 and under
      • kyu 11 to 13
      • kyu 14 to 15
      • adult kyu (16 and over)
      • women's kyu (14 and over)
      • women's yudansha
      • senior yudansha (50 and over)
      • 1 to 2 dan
      • 3 to 4 dan
      • 5 dan and above
    • team competition
      • 7-person kyu
      • 5-person women's
      • 7-person yudansha
      • 5-person kodansha (6 dan and above)

  • tournament regulations
    • yudansha individual matches: 4 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei
    • kyu individual matches: 3 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei
    • kyu team matches: 3 minutes, no extension
    • women's, yudansha, kodansha team matches: 4 minutes, no extension

  • fees
    • $15 kyu 17 and under
    • $20 kyu 16 and older
    • $20 yudansha
    • $9 bento
      note: this tournament WILL have bento, due to special rental of a refrigerator truck

  • North-South Taikai Results
    10 and under
    1st Coleman N (OCB)
    2nd Nakashimo T (GED)
    3rd Satoh R (STYO
    3rd Nikaido Y (STYO)
    H.M. Kim K (STYO)
    H.M. Kim J (ANC)
    H.M. Crawford A (PCI)
    H.M. Suzuki S (CM)

    Adult Kyu Group 1
    1st Kern A (JCI)
    2nd Chen J (NCKF)
    3rd Sugino K (NCKF)
    3rd Payne J (SDKB)

    Adult Kyu Group 2
    1st Yoo A (OCB)
    2nd Ahn J (JCI)
    3rd Kim T (PCI)
    3rd Ha J (SDKB)

    1-2 Dan Group 1
    1st Nagatani T (CHUO)
    2nd Abe S (GED)
    3rd Owaki G (COV)
    3rd Konopka S (NCKF)

    1-2 Dan Group 2
    1st Pruitt D (CM)
    2nd Watts T (NCKF)
    3rd Ra R (CM)
    3rd Kim J (NCKF)

    11-13 Group 1
    1st Ito T (NCKF)
    2nd Yoshiki R (TOR)
    3rd Horii T (TOR)
    3rd Nguyen M (NCKF)

    11-13 Group 2
    1st Kim E (NOR)
    2nd Satoh R (STYO)
    3rd Uto M (NCKF)
    3rd Hakamata K (STYO)

    Women's Kyu
    1st Yang J (NOR)
    2nd Kem L (NCKF)
    3rd Yamasaki L (CHUO)
    3rd Chi J (NOR)

    Women's Dan
    1st Lee G (TOR)
    2nd Shikai Y (CHUO)
    3rd Tamaki Y (OCB)
    3rd Cabral M (SAC)

    3-4 Dan Group 1
    1st Yoo S (TOR)
    2nd Brown J (TOR)
    3rd Hatakeyama J (NCKF)
    3rd Kim HS (TOR)

    3-4 Dan Group 2
    1st Kobayashi K (CM)
    2nd Nguyen E (NOR)
    3rd Park C (NCKF)
    3rd Zenbayashi T (PCI)

    14-15 Group 1
    1st Sung P (NCKF)
    2nd Kobayashi K (TOR)
    3rd Fujimoto K (NCKF)
    3rd Kim S (STYO)

    14-15 Group 2
    1st Nogimura Y (TOR)
    2nd Makiuchi T (STYO)
    3rd Choi MK (TOR)
    3rd Nguyen M (NCKF)


    Senior Group
    1st Yuge T (TOR)
    2nd Yamaguchi M (MV)
    3rd Anderson E (STYO)
    3rd Kato T (COV)

    5 Dan and Above
    1st Yang C (TOR)
    2nd Yang D (TOR)
    3rd Shikai Y (CHUO)
    3rd Hosokawa Y (CM)

    Kyu Team: SCKF
    Women's Team: SCKF
    Yudansha Team: SCKF
    Kodansha Team: NCKF

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