Southern California
Kendo Federation


Steveston Taikai
Saturday, 5/8/10
Steveston, Canada

SCKF trophy/plaque winners are listed below.
  • senior non-degree 1-3 kyu
    • 1st: A. Kim (NOR)
    • 3rd: B. Yoon (NOR)
  • ladies 1 dan and under
    • 1st: E. Tam (SDKB)
  • 3 dan
    • 2nd: F. Itokazu (COV)
  • 4 dan and over
    • 1st: C. Yang (TOR)
    • 2nd: D. Yang (TOR)
  • senior team
    • 1st: SCKF A
      J. Brown (TOR), G. Lee (TOR), S. Yoo (TOR), D. Yang (TOR), C. Yang (TOR) (taisho)
    • 2nd: SCKF B
      A. Kim (NOR), G. Takeda (TOR), F. Itokazu (COV), Y. Kariya (NOR), D. Nakamoto (CM) (taisho)
See full results (xls), including tournament trees.

Preliminary information

  • Yuge sensei will handle tournament entry and hotel arrangements. Deadline is April 10th.
    • each dojo please email the following information to Yuge sensei ( by April 10:
      • Participant name, rank, age
      • Parents' names
        • Note: at least one parent of any child under 17 years of age must accompany their child due to high security problems
        • if this is not possible, a notarized form must be provided designating someone from your dojo who is willing to act as the child's guardian
      • Other guest names and ages
      • Hotel room list
      • Flight information
      • names of people interested in a possible trip to Victoria Island on Friday
    • other information
      • individuals handle their own air fare and flight arrangements
      • there is no tournament fee, however please consider making a donation to Steveston Dojo
    • important travel information
      • see the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative for U.S. Department of State and Department of Homeland Security travel requirements. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is a result of the Intelligence Reform and Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA), requiring all travelers to present a passport or other document proving identity and citizenship when entering or re-entering the U.S.
      • TSA prohibited items
    • if you have any questions, please contact Yuge sensei

  • additional late information received from Murao sensei
    • reminder: there will be a Friday (May 7th) night keiko at the Steveston Community Centre (regular place) from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (need to be out of the gym by 9:00 PM)
    • please see match schedule (xls) and be aware of when and where you are competing, to help the taikai move along quicker
    • Eating area will be moved to the "MAIN SCHOOL ROTUNDA". This will allow for more room in the 2nd gym. The Ladies will allow you access to the eating area "only" if you have a lunch ticket or a "Guest" or "Official" ribbon. Lunch tickets will be enclosed in the dojo envelopes.
    • Aoi Bogu, E-Bogu and the massage booth will be located in the 2nd gym
    • This year, with the use of the 2nd gym, we woud like to ask all particpants to leave their shoes in the 2nd gym. We have several local senior residents coming to watch the taikai and we would like to avoid unnecessary accidents caused by loose footwear.

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