Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Shinpan Seminar
Sunday, 5/23/10
Covina Dojo

  • Date: Sunday, May 23rd
               (revised date)
    Time: 9am to 5pm
               (expect to attend all day)
    Participants: 3-dan and above
               (4-dan and above will be graded for AUSKF)
    Location: Covina Dojo
               East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center
               1203 W Puente Av, West Covina 91790
               (see map)
  • Application form due 5/9/10
  • Submit application per dojo - deadline May 9, 2010
    Note: If no one is attending, please submit application with the wording "NO ONE FROM DOJO ATTENDING".
  • Only those "actively" participating will be considered for AUSKF grading
    Note: SCKF requires that 3-dan and above actively participate in referee seminars for future ranking consideration and tournament referee consideration
  • Payment for bento (bring to seminar)
    Note: If sensei or rep is not coming, BE SURE to give a check to the kenshi who is coming, or have them pay cash that day!
  • ALL attendees must be on application list, this INCLUDES 7-dan and 8-dan sensei.
  • Everyone MUST BRING:
    • Kendo dogi and bogu
    • Referee Handbook: FIK, version Dec. 7, 2006
      Please try and purchase prior to the seminar, if not, purchase later
    • Shimpan-ki (referee flags) and mejirushi (red/white ribbons)
    • Pen/Paper for notes
  • Completed application must be emailed, faxed or mailed by May 9th.
  • Each dojo will be contacted for the final bento check amount
    Note: some sensei will have theirs paid for BUT all names must be on application list
If you have any questions, please contact Yuge sensei, 2010 SCKF Referee Seminar Facilitator

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