Southern California
Kendo Federation


Southern California Kendo Championships
Sunday 6/27/10
Wilson Park, Torrance

  • application file (ms word)
    application deadline 6/5/10

  • program (PDF)
  • results

  • Wilson Park map and directions

  • important notes:
    • sign in will close at 8:30am for all divisions,
    • shinai weigh in for championship competitors will close at 8:30am
    • starting from this tournament, no bento will be sold by SCKF at Wilson Park events
      - shinpan, competitors, and spectators will be on their own
      - contact Abe sensei for a refund for prepaid bento
Note:"PDF" files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

  • tournament divisions
    • non-championship divisions
      • 0-6 kyu (14 years and older will be placed in the 5-4 kyu group)
      • 5-4 kyu
      • 3-1 kyu
      • adult kyu (16 years and older)
      • women's kyu (14 years and older)
      • women's yudansha
      • senior division (yudansha, 50 years and older)
    • individual championship
      • yudansha only
      • must have been a member of SCKF for at least 12 months prior to the Championship
      • shinai weight check will be conducted
    • note: team championship is in the fall

  • tournament regulations
    • kyu: 3 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
    • women's dan and senior: 4 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
    • individual championship: 5 min, unlimited extension

  • tournament fees
    • kyu 17 and under: $15
    • kyu 18 and older: $20
    • yudansha: $20

  • results
    HM=best 8, FS=kantosho

    0-6 Kyu Group 1
    1st: D Hwang (CYP)
    2nd: N Coleman (OCB)
    3rd: R Satoh (STYO)
    3rd: H Hakamata (STYO)
    FS: C Tada (STYO)

    0-6 Kyu Group 2
    1st: K Coleman (OCB)
    2nd: S Maekawa (OCB)
    3rd: D Huang (CYP)
    3rd: D Quan (TOR)
    FS: H Kim (IS)

    Adult Kyu Group 1
    1st: A Kern (JCI)
    2nd: TS Yao (VEN)
    3rd: K Baik (CYP)
    3rd: A Zavala (JCI)

    Senior Group 1
    1st: E Anderson (STYO)
    2nd: M Sakaue (COV)
    3rd: J Yang (CM)
    3rd: T Yuge (TOR)

    Yudansha Championships
    1st: D Yang (TOR)
    2nd: J Brown (TOR)
    3rd: Ks Chinen (GED)
    3rd: R Tominaga (TOR)

    5-4 Kyu Group 1
    1st: R Yoshiki (TOR)
    2nd: N Yoshida (STYO)
    3rd: R Saito (GED)
    3rd: K Choi (ANC)
    FS: D Hahn (NOR)

    5-4 Kyu Group 2
    1st: R Satoh (STYO)
    2nd: M Sugiyama (STYO)
    3rd: T Hori (TOR)
    3rd: E Offutt (STYO)
    FS: E Kim (NOR)

    Adult Kyu Group 2
    1st: J Ha (SDKB)
    2nd: J Kim (NOR)
    3rd: S Ujiie (GED)
    3rd: D Chang (IS)

    Senior Group 2
    1st: T Kato (COV)
    2nd: S Kim (SFV)
    3rd: T Shoraku (CM)
    3rd: S Timbrook (SB)

    HM: Y Hosokawa (CM)
    HM: T Abe (STYO)
    HM: E Takeda (TOR)
    HM: N Brown (TOR)

    3-1 Kyu Group 1
    1st: H Komiyama (TOR)
    2nd: Y Nogimura (TOR)
    3rd: S Watanabe (OCB)
    3rd: M Choi (TOR)
    FS: F Yang (CYP)

    Women's Kyu Division
    1st: J Yang (NOR)
    2nd: T Zhu (CHUO)
    3rd: N Yoshida (STYO)
    3rd: A Shibata (GED)
    FS: J Gil (IRV)

    Women's Yudansha
    1st: G Lee (TOR)
    2nd: N Sano (STYO)
    3rd: A Kuwabara (TOR)
    3rd: S Nagata (TOR)

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