Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Junior Nationals
Sun, 7/25/10
San Jose CA

updated 3/12/10

The All United States Kendo Federation will be holding its 1st Junior Open National Championship on Sunday, July 25, 2010, in San Jose, California. This championship will be open to all kenshi 18-years and younger regardless of rank. Since most of the committee is from the SCKF, we want to help them make it a successful tournament.

  • Divisions (see for details and the latest information)
    • 9 and under
    • 10 to 11
    • 12 to 13
    • 14 to 15
    • 16 to 18
    • girls 13 and under
    • girls 14 to 18
    • 5 person boys team
    • 3 person girls team

  • Each dojo turn in application form and fees to Sakae sensei by 4/18. Also indicate whether anyone is interested in SCKF chartering a bus.
    Note: the first deadline was 3/1, but it has been extended to 5/1.

  • Please buy a fundraiser tshirt to support the tournament!

  • See for full results and huge group photo

    Congratulations to the following SCKF winners!

    • 9 years
      2nd: Tada C (STYO)
      3rd: Kim K (STYO)
      HM: Suzuki N (CM)
      HM: Crawford A (PCI)
      HM: Satoh R (STYO)
    • 10-11 years
      1st: Yoshiki R (TOR)
      2nd: Horii T (TOR)
      3rd: Sugiyama M (STYO)
      HM: Saito R (GED)
      HM: Yoon C (NOR)
    • 12-13 years
      1st: Mizobe K (STYO)
      3rd: Hakamata K (STYO)
      HM: Suzuki L (CM)
    • 14-15 years
      1st: Nagatani T (CHUO)
      2nd: Nogimura Y TOR)
      3rd: Maekawa S (OCB)
      HM: Maikuchi T (STYO)
      HM: Watanabe S (OCB)
    • 16-18 years
      2nd: Chung A (NOR)
    • girls 13 under
      1st Kim E (NOR)
      3rd: Miyoshi K (VEN)
      HM: Tada H (STYO)
      HM: Kim T (TOR)
      HM: Hahn D (NOR)
    • girls team
      3rd: SCKFA: Kim E (NOR), Tada H (STYO), taisho Arima Y (STYO)
      3rd: SCKFB: Maekawa S (OCB), Yoshida N (STYO), taisho Yoon C (NOR)
    HM=best 8

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