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visit by Oda Katsuo sensei

  • letter from SCIA (see also Cultural News announcement)

    Dear fellow kenshi and iaidoka,

    The Southern California Iaido Association (SCIA) is very pleased to host a two-day iaido seminar featuring guest instructor, Katsuo Oda sensei from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Oda sensei is a member of the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei (ZNKR) Iaido Committee and possesses the ranks of hanshi 8 dan in iaido and kyoshi 7 dan in kendo. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and here in the United States conducting seminars on behalf of the ZNKR.

    The seminar will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2011 and Sunday, February 20, 2011 at the Pasadena Buddhist Church Gymnasium in Pasadena, California and will focus on ZNKR seitei iaido (ZenKenRen iai). All AUSKF members are invited to attend as well as individuals who are not members of the AUSKF, but are familiar with or practice ZenKenRen iai. More information can be found on found in the seminar package.

    Please feel free to copy and distribute the package to any interested individuals.

    If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I look forward to seeing you in February!

    Kind regards,

    Dennis Ralutin
    Southern California Iaido Association (SCIA)

  • seminar application: doc, pdf
    application deadline is 2/12/11

  • schedule:
    2/11-13   SWKIF iaido seminar and shinsa in Colorado
    Tue 2/15  arrive at LAX; iaido practice at PCI 8:30pm
    Fri 2/18  iaido practice at Norwalk 7:30pm
    Sat 2/19  iaido seminar at Pasadena Buddhist Church 9am-4pm
    Sun 2/20  iaido seminar at Pasadena Buddhist Church 9am-4pm
    Mon 2/21  depart from LAX

  • photos by Dennis Ralutin: Sat 2/19, Sun 2/20

  • photos by Lenny Pape Tue 2/15, Sat 2/19

  • seminar instructors and guests
    Oda, Katsuo         hanshi 8 dan
    Yamaguchi, Takeshi  kyoshi 7 dan
    Murakami, Ichiro    6 dan
    Asai, Henry         5 dan
    Amgwerd, Tomoko     5 dan
  • seminar attendees (listed alphabetically)
    name                affiliation rank
    ------------------- ----------- -----
    Aguero, David       NCIA/NCKF   none
    Amgwerd, Tomoko     BCKF/CKF    5 dan
    Asai, Cliff         SCIA/SCKF   none
    Asai, Henry Jr.     SCIA/SCKF   none
    Bagdasarian, Narbeh SCIA/SCKF   none
    Belko, Aaron        SCKO        none
    Cabrera, Jose       NCIA/NCKF   none
    Chiang, Steve       NCIA/NCKF   none
    Kodama, Jean        SCIA/SCKF   4 dan
    Leroy, Sylvain      SCIA/SCKF   2 dan
    Lichtman, Peter     SCIA/SCKF   3 dan
    Mott, Harry         SCIA/SCKF   none
    Nishiura, Tsuyoshi  NCIA/NCKF   2 dan
    Okuno, Samuel       SCIA/SCKF   4 dan
    Otani, Norman       CCKF        3 dan
    Phan, Minhduc       NCIA/NCKF   none
    Picard, Douglas     NCIA/NCKF   none
    Ralutin, Dennis     SCIA/SCKF   4 dan
    Sakimukai, Masa     SCIA/SCKF   none
    Soleski, Travis     SCKO        none
    Sukiasyan, Levon    SCIA/SCKF   none
    Tanabe, Cynthia     NCIA/NCKF   4 dan
    Tanaka, Richard     NCIA/NCKF   4 dan
    Tekin, Korhan       SCIA/SCKF   none
    Toh, Shauna         SCIA/SCKF   2 dan
  • seminar volunteers
    Kitajima, Leo
    Tanaka, Setsuo
    Nguyen, Emil

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