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AJKF Sensei Visit
Wednesday 9/7/11
Cerritos Regional Park

The two AJFK instructors who are leading this year's AUSKF Summer Camp are stopping by on their way back to Japan. Yoshifumi Ishizuka sensei (Hanshi 8 Dan) and Toru Kamei sensei (Hanshi 8 Dan) will lead a mini-seminar for kodansha sensei to review teaching basics of kendo. It is important to attend both for learning review and to meet and have goodwill practice with other kodansha in Southern California. This is a joint keiko/seminar with SCKF, SCKO and WKF. Translation for English and Korean will be provided.

  • seminar and keiko
    Date:  Wed 9/7
    Time:  7pm - 8pm
    Place: Cerritos Regional Park Gymnasium (see map)
           19800 Bloomfield Ave Cerritos,CA 90703
    5 dan and above may actively participate; observers are welcome.

  • welcome dinner
    Place: Jang Soo Jang Korean BBQ Restaurant (see map)
           19107 S, Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos , CA 90703
           (562) 924-5367
    Time:  immediately following keiko
    RSVP:  T. Yuge (
    Cost:  approx $25-$35 per person - pay at door

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