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All Japan Kendo Champion Takanabe Sensei Visit
Sat 11/19/11 through Mon 11/21/11

This fall, the AUSKF Kendo Education Tour brings to the United States the 2010 and 2011 All Japan Kendo Champion, Takanabe Susumu sensei. SCKF, SCKO, and WKF are hosting his stay in Southern California from Saturday 11/19 through Tuesday 11/22, when he flies back to Japan.

Summary (see above for details):
  • Kids and teenager seminar and welcome party at Long Beach Dojo
    • Kids and teenager seminar
      Date:  Sat 11/19
      Time:  7-8:30pm
      Place: Long Beach Dojo
             1766 Seabright Ave, Long Beach CA 90813 

      photo by Noriko Horii

    • Welcome party 9pm
      $20 adults, $15 teenager
      submit the rsvp form by 11/9 to Okawa sensei 
  • Open seminar, keiko, and sayonara party at Norwalk Dojo
    • Open seminar and keiko
      Date:  Mon 11/21
      Time:  7:15-9:30pm
      Place: Norwalk Dojo
             14615 S Gridley Rd, Norwalk CA 90650 

      photo by Dennis Ralutin

    • Sayonara party 10pm
      hosted by Norwalk Dojo (no charge, but donations accepted)
      submit the rsvp form by 11/10 to Yuge sensei 

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