Southern California
Kendo Federation


FIK Shinpan Seminar
Montreal Canada

  • invitation to attend
  • schedule
    • Fri 1/27
      11am - 8pm table in hotel to collect banquet and bento fees
      $15 bento, $55 banquet (please pay in Canadian dollars)
    • Sat 1/28
      09:00am Shinpan seminar
      04:00pm goodwill keiko
      07:00pm welcome party
    • Sun 1/29
      09:00am Shinpan seminar
      11:00am goodwill keiko
  • applicant requirements
    • member of FIK organization
    • intended for kendo 5dan or above (4dan allowed)
    • must be regularly practicing
    • no age limitation
    • WKC referee candidates are requested to attend
    • dress in keikogi and hakama
  • application form (excel)
    • turn in to Murakami sensei
    • deadline 1/21 (allows time to collect and submit to FIK)
  • map, including
    • airport (A)
      Montreal Trudeau (YUL) Airport
    • hotel (B)
      Holiday Inn Montreal-Midtown
      420 Sherbrooke West Highway 2
      Montreal, Quebec H3A 1B4 Canada
      Front desk: 1-514-842-6111
    • gym (C)
      McGill University's Athletic Center
      Montreal Canada

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