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Japan HS Champions Visit
Sun 2/5/12, Norwalk Dojo

In the first week of February, three students from Fukuoka Ohori High School in Fukuoka, Japan will be visiting Torrance Dojo. Fukuoka Ohori High School won both major All Japan tournaments last year (Gyokuryuki and Inter-High Japan Championships), and these three students were members of this championship team. For your reference, see this video clip of the finals (taisho-sen) of the Inter-High.

We would like to invite you for a special goodwill keiko on Sunday, February 5th from 12:30pm ~ 3:00pm at Norwalk Dojo. We are hoping to have some goodwill shiai practice with these three students, followed by keiko with everyone who attends that day. This is an open invitation to all kenshi that would like to participate - this should be a great experience for our kenshi in Southern California, especially our high school age kenshi.

Chris Yang

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