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Shinsa Workshop for 4dan and above
Sun 3/11/12, Covina Dojo

Dear SCKF Members:

We have determined that one of the goals of SCKF is to ensure that those applicants who are taking Kendo shinsa exams have the skills to pass their 4-Dan and Kodansha examinations. Currently, for the practical aspect, we have Kata seminars once a year, as well as Referee seminars once a year. In discussions with the examiners who sit on the 4-Dan examination board, the SCKF will conduct a 3 hour workshop this spring on "how to take the Kendo (jitsugi) practical exam." In general we will focus on the general Kendo improvements that the participants need.

This workshop is only open to SCKF members who are ranked 3-dan and above, plus they should be "time qualified" to take their next exam for this year. Participants are also required to "actively" participate in the workshop to demonstrate their current Kendo ability.

The workshop will be conducted by selected SCKF sensei. It is ALSO encouraged that all HEAD INSTRUCTORS come and participate in this workshop as well. It is important for the dojo instructor to observe what their students may need to improve their Kendo.


  • Place: Covina Dojo Sunday, March 11, 2012
  • Workshop 9am - 12noon
  • Informal gathering 12 - 1pm (approx)
    Workshop sensei will be available for Q/A following the workshop
  • Workshop format:
    • Participants will perform "jitsugi" in front of an exam board
    • Participants will be critiqued
    • A second round of jitsugi and critique will follow
    • All participants will have keiko with various sensei during the last portion of the workshop.
    • Informal gathering, those who wish to stay and have lunch can mingle and talk to various sensei
  • Participating workshop sensei will consist of all 7-dan and above SCKF sensei who are available on that day. Dojos please inform your sensei that I will be sending out invitations to them.
  • Those who wish to order bento can do so through your dojo, approx. $6-$7 (you can bring your own lunch as well) Workshop sensei will have bento provided by SCKF.
  • Application forms (revised) are due 3/5/12
  • in preparation for any examinations this coming year, kenshi should already be preparing themselves by practicing at least 2-3 times a week at the current time.
  • SCKF disclaimer: Participating in this workshop does not guarantee the participant will pass the actual exam.

Tim Yuge

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