Southern California
Kendo Federation


2012 North-South Tournament
Sunday, 4/22/12
Wilson Park, Torrance

summary (see application packet for details)

  • tournament divisions
    • individual competition
      • kyu 10 and under
      • kyu 11 to 13
      • kyu 14 to 15
      • adult kyu (18 and over)
      • women's (14 and over, any rank, yudansha rules apply)
      • senior yudansha (50 and over)
      • 1 to 2 dan
      • 3 to 4 dan
      • 5 dan and above
    • team competition
      • 7-person kyu
      • 5-person women's
      • 7-person yudansha
      • 5-person kodansha (6 dan and above, 45 and older)

  • tournament regulations
    • time limits
      • kyu individual matches: 3 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinals and finals)
      • yudansha individual matches: 4 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinals and finals)
      • kyu team matches: 3 minutes, no extension
      • women's, yudansha, kodansha team matches: 4 minutes, no extension
    • all kyu groups: the tsuki point will not be considered valid. Any point attempted from kamae positions other than the standard chudan kamae will not be considered valid. The nito form shall not be used.
    • womens, seniors, and yudansha groups do not have the restrictions listed above for kyu divisions.
    • hidari do (gyaku do) will be considered a valid point in all divisions (kyu and yudansha).
    • participants are to bring and be responsible for their own set of "mejirushi". SCKF will not be responsible for lost or stolen mejirushi.

  • fees
    • $15 kyu 17 and under
    • $20 kyu 18 and older
    • $20 yudansha
    • $8 bento
      (free bento for shinpan)

  • toban
    • court setup 7AM, coordinator Kato Tomoji sensei
      please provide at least 4 volunteers per dojo as listed below
      • PCI Dojo
      • Norwalk Dojo
      • Westside Dojo
      • All Nation Church
    • bento distribution.
      please provide at least 2 volunteers per dojo as listed below
      • SDKB
      • JCI
      • Costa Mesa
      • Venice

  • North-South Taikai Results
    10 and under
    1st Nakashimo T (GED)
    2nd Kim K (STYO)
    3rd Ko J (TOR)
    3rd Kim A (TOR)

    1st Park S (SJ)
    2nd Mizobe K (STYO)
    3rd Toyomitsu I (GED)
    3rd Uto M (SAL)

    1-2 Dan
    1st Kobayashi K (TOR)
    2nd Nogimura Y (TOR)
    3rd Pruitt D (CM)
    3rd Yoon B (NOR)

    HM Gil H (IRV)
    HM Suzuki N (CM)
    HM Hahn L (NOR)
    HM Katayama M (SJ)

    Adult Kyu
    1st Ujiie S (GED)
    2nd Kim D (IRV)
    3rd Miyata M (GED)
    3rd Pham TQ (SAL)

    3 Dan and Above
    1st Chinen K (GED)
    2nd Park H (IRV)
    3rd Matsumoto S (GED)
    3rd Shiono S (CM)

    1st Katayama Y (SJ)
    2nd Shima R (GED)
    3rd Sugiyama M (STYO)
    3rd Yoon C (NOR)

    1st Kim E (NOR)
    2nd Basha N (SFV)
    3rd Takashima N (CM)
    3rd Arima Y (STYO)

    Senior Dan
    1st Kodama J (NOR)
    2nd Tanouye C (OAK)
    3rd Kinjo K (COV)
    3rd Kato T (COV)

    Kyu team: SCKF (Nakashimo, Kim, Horii, Toyomitsu, Satoh, Wong, Mizobe)
    Women's: SCKF (Yoon, Kim, Arima, Takashima, Kanamori)
    Yudansha: SCKF (Suzuki, Kobayashi, Komiyama, Makiuchi, Nogimura, Nagatani, Chinen)
    Kodansha: SCKF (Kato, Kodama, Yuge, Soraku, Park)

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