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3rd AUSKF Junior Open National Championship
Saturday 8/4/12
Kent, WA

The All United States Kendo Federation will be holding its 3rd Junior Open National Championship on Saturday, August 4, 2011, in Kent, Washington. This championship will be open to all kenshi 18-years and younger regardless of rank.

  • AUSKF invitation cover letter:

    Dear AUSKF Members and Federations:

    I must apologize as this has been quite a busy year already and I am finally able to send out the information for the 2012 Junior Nationals Tournament. Please find the attached information letter and forms. I have also attached a list of recommended hotels, although you are free to select any hotel of your choice in the area. Note that we will not be providing any transportation.

    The participant application, volunteer list, bento order and fees are due on July 15, 2012.

    Please note, the shinpan list is due on July 8, 2012 so that we may select the referees as soon as possible and inform them of the selection within 2 weeks. In the interest of time, please allow (with your permission) individual dojo to submit their shinpan lists directly, HOWEVER they should also cc you, their federation president, at the same time.

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you in Kent, Washington!

    Tim Yuge
    Chair, 2012 Junior National Tournament

    Note: the shinpan deadline was changed above 7/8 per a 6/30 revision, which also includes notice of shinpan reimbursement and boys team age changes.

  • SCKF information and practices

    Dear SCKF members:

    We have confirmed the following dates for practice sessions in preparation for the Jr. Nationals:

    • Sundays at 8am to 11am
    • Dates: July 1st, July 8th and July 22nd.
    • Location: Norwalk Dojo

    We will try to add more practice sessions.

    Note: Consideration for "team members" will be given to those who have a good track record of participation in SCKF events and other SCKF team activities, as well as those who have good attendance at these practice sessions. Final decisions on "team" selection will be made by the sensei in charge of the practice sessions.

    Final submission of the dojo participation lists is July 8th.

    Referee lists should be submitted directly to Tim Yuge by July 1st.

    Thank you!
    t. yuge

  • Divisions
    • 9 and under
    • 10 to 11
    • 12 to 13
    • 14 to 15
    • 16 to 18
    • girls 13 and under
    • girls 14 to 18
    • 5 person boys team (13-18)
    • 3 person girls team
    • 3 person youth team (12 and under, boys or girls)

  • results: see Kenyu Aug'12

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