Southern California
Kendo Federation


Nikkei Games Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Sunday, 8/26/12
Next Level Sports Complex, Garden Grove

  • cover letter (docx)
  • application packet (doc)
    deadline: 8/11/12

  • results
  • Location: Next Level Sports Complex
    12821 Knott Street
    Garden Grove, CA

  • admission notes
    • admission to the event is free for everyone, however there is a $5 parking fee
    • schedule:
      - 7:00am: set up
      - 8:00am: sign in for competitors opens
      - 8:45am: sign in closes
      -10:00am: opening ceremony
    • volunteers (four courts, sign in, bento, tshirts)
      - your name must be submitted in advance to be on the sign in list to be allowed entrance into the competition area
      - you must sign in that morning to obtain your wristband
    • shinpan and volunteers: lunch will be provided by Nikkei Games
    • kenshi and others: pre-order lunch on application form

  • tournament fees
    • entry fee: $20, all divisions
      • when applying, be sure to specify birthdate and tshirt size
    • bento: $8
      • lunch will be provided to shinpan

  • court duty assignments (xls)

  • tournament brackets (xls)

  • Nikkei Games website

  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 10 years and under
    • kyu 11-13 years
    • kyu 14-15 years
    • women's kyu, 14 years and older
    • kyu team tournament
      • sempo: kyu 10 and under
      • jiho: kyu 13 and under
      • chuken: kyu 15 and under
      • fukusho: any kyu (any age)
      • taisho (captain): any kyu (any age)
      note: all team members must be from your dojo
    • kachinuki team tournament
      3-person team consisting of any combination of the following
      • adult kyu (18 and older)
      • 1dan to 3dan (30 and older)
      • minimum of 2 kenshi per team
      • each dojo may submit up to 2 teams
      note: special individual awards will be given for most number of points scored and most number of wins

  • tournament regulations
    • individual matches: 3 minutes, 2 minutes extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
    • kyu team matches: 3 minutes, no extension
      - no tsuki, jodan, nito
    • kachinuki team tournament:
      - winner remains
      - the team whose taisho loses is the losing team
      - hikiwake retires both players, unless one or both are taisho (the match will go into unlimited encho until a winner is determined by ippon)
      - no tsuki, jodan, nito

  • tournament fees
    • entry fee: $20, all divisions
    • bento: $8

  • results

    10 years and under Group I
    1st: Kato S (GAR)
    2nd: Kim A (TOR)
    3rd: Ariga T (BTK)
    3rd: Kotate K (BTK)

    11-13 Group I
    1st: Offutt E (STYO)
    2nd: Kim T (TOR)
    3rd: Takahashi G (BTK)
    3rd: Hii A (BTK)

    14-17 Group I
    1st: Toyomitsu I (GED)
    2nd: Kato K (GAR)
    3rd: Kiuchi H (GAR)
    3rd: Mizobe K (STYO)

    Women's Kyu
    1st: Bansha N (SFV)
    2nd: Sasaki M (GAR)
    3rd: Tanaka R (GED)
    3rd: Shibata A (GED)

    Nisei Week Team Tournament
    1st: Gardena
    2nd: Torrance
    3rd: Irvine
    3rd: Long Beach

    10 years and under Group II
    1st: Miyazato M (LB)
    2nd: Miyazaki R (LB)
    3rd: Nakashimo T (GED)
    3rd: Suzuki N (CM)

    11-13 Group II
    1st: Ogikubo A (BTK)
    2nd: Kotake I (BTK)
    3rd: Horii T (TOR)
    3rd: Kiuchi H (GAR)

    14-17 Group II
    1st: Kim Esther (GED)
    2nd: Kumagai D (TOR)
    3rd: Hakamata K (STYO)
    3rd: Kato K (GAR)

    Kachinuki Team Tournament
    1st: San Diego A
    2nd: Torrance
    3rd: Costa Mesa
    3rd: San Diego B
    points 1st: Murofushi Y (SDKB)
    points 2nd: Tauchi S (CM)
    points 2nd: Iwasaki T (TOR)
    wins 1st: Murofushi Y (SDKB)
    wins 2nd: Tauchi S (CM)
    wins 2nd: Iwasaki T (TOR)
    wins 2nd: Katsuo T (TOR)
    wins 2nd: Zamora A (SDKB)

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