Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa
Saturday 5/4/13, 1pm
University of La Verne

  • see application cover letter for details
    • applications are due 4/19/13, including head instructor's signature
      (sign up for the shinsa is by dojo)
    • forms must include rank, birthdate, height, and weight for each participant
    • 4dan applicants must also have participated in both kata and shinpan seminars (within last 2 years)
    • membership deadline was 12/31/12

  • blank form for non-SCKF participants
    Note: you will need the approval and signature of your regional federation. Please also be sure to get approval from your dojo head instructor.

  • shinsa location: University of La Verne (see map and directions)

  • sign in closes at 12:30pm
    • no late applicants allowed!
    • 1kyu through 4dan applicants: turn in your completed written tests at sign-in

  • shinsa procedure demonstration
    • starting from this shinsa, yudansha applicants will use the 2-person rei procedure to begin and end jitsugi
    • there will be no kihon test demonstration or kata reiho demonstration

  • see below for more information on the shinsa as well as results

  • brief summary of promotional examination regulations and criteria:
    • rules for requesting ranks:

      rank   min age   min time in practice
      ----   -------   ---------------------------------------------------
      6kyu      8       6 months practice
      5kyu      9       6 months practice as 6kyu or 6 months practice
      4kyu     10       6 months practice as 5kyu or 12 months practice
      3kyu     11       6 months practice as 4kyu
      2kyu     12       6 months practice as 3kyu
      1kyu     13       6 months practice as 2kyu
      1dan     14       6 months practice as 1kyu
      2dan      -      12 months practice as 1dan
      3dan      -      24 months practice as 2dan
      4dan      -      36 months practice as 3dan

      "Time in practice" assumes the kenshi is practicing regularly, eg keiko at least once or twice per week

    • shinsa fees
      • $20 kyu, including adult kyu
      • $30 1dan
      • $40 2dan
      • $45 3dan
      • $50 4dan
      SCKF also charges a $20 "no show" fee that will be assessed to the dojo if their kenshi is unable to participate in the shinsa (includes missing sign in).

    • written tests are required for everyone requesting 1kyu and above.
      • see the AUSKF written tests (pdf)
      • the tests must be turned in at sign-in time
      • please write your name, participant number, requested rank, and dojo on your written test

    • see other shinsa testing notes below

  • tentative schedule
    see also court schedule and court layout
    • 10:45am: help unload tables, chairs, water, etc
    • 11:00am: coordinators, announcers, tachiai, and motodachi meeting (includes obento, see duty notes)
    • 11:30am: set up for sign in
    • 11:45am: examiners meeting (includes obento, see duty notes)
    • 11:45am: start sign-in
      • you must be dressed in keikogi and hakama and bring your tare when you sign in
        • a label with your participant number will be applied to the center flap of your tare (remove your nafuda)
        • note: keikogi and hakama should not show markings (eg dojo patch, team logo, or slogans). If present, they will be taped over.
      • those testing for 1kyu and above must turn in completed written tests at sign-in
      • plan to arrive early so you can complete sign-in well before it closes
      • applicants requesting 6kyu and 5kyu do not attend the shinsa (rank is awarded by passing the kihon test at the dojo)
    • 12:30pm: sign-in closes for all divisions; no late participants allowed!
    • 1:00pm: start kendo portion of shinsa
      • before 12pm: all participants line up in rows in your respective courts facing the examiner tables for opening rei
    • 2:30 - 3:00pm: start kata portion of shinsa
    • 3:30pm: end shinsa (note: there will not be a results meeting)
  • shinsa testing
    • kendo
      • be at your court BEFORE your division starts. Even if you signed in before the deadline, if you are not in place before your division performs opening rei, you will not be allowed to participate.
      • follow the instructions of the tachiai on your court
      • each applicant for 4kyu will demonstrate basic skills (kihon test) with a motodachi provided by SCKF (you will be in full bogu)
      • each applicant for 3kyu and above will perform kendo jitsugi with two other applicants requesting the same rank
      • for 1dan and above, use the 2-person rei procedure to begin and end jitsugi
      • each applicant for 4dan will also do kirikaeshi at the beginning of each jitsugi, once striking and once receiving
      • remain at your court until all participants in your division finish testing, at which time your division will perform closing rei
      • for those requesting 1kyu and above ranks: after your division is done, stay together near your court The kendo test results will be tallied and announced by the shinsa coordinator, who will then record the participant numbers for kata partners.
        • only those who have passed the kendo portion will perform kata
        • if you lack a kata partner, you will be paired with someone who also lacks a partner
        • if there is an odd number of kenshi, one kenshi will do kata twice (the second performance does not count)
        • if you are absent when the kata pairings are recorded, you will be assigned a partner
    • kata
      • each applicant requesting 1 kyu or higher must be prepared to perform kata in front of the board of examiners. Note: #8 through #10 use the kodachi (short sword).
        • 1 kyu: #1 through #3
        • 1 dan: #1 through #5
        • 2 dan: #1 through #7
        • 3 dan: #1 through #10
        • 4 dan: #1 through #10
      • kata pairings were recorded at the completion of kendo jitsugi (see kendo section above)
      • you will have at least 15 minutes to practice prior to the kata test
        • each applicant must be able to perform both the uchidachi and shidachi roles
        • the role will be randomly assigned when your turn comes on the court
      • if you make a mistake performing one of the kata, you may request to redo it. After finishing the entire kata sequence and performing closing reiho, make your request (specifying which one kata you wish to redo) to the tachiai, who will pass on your request to the examiners. The examination board will not request any repeats.
    • see sample evaluation forms for both kendo and kata
  • menjo (rank certificates)
    • do not bring a check for menjo to the shinsa.
    • an official menjo requisition form created from the official results of the shinkyu shinsa will be emailed to each dojo shortly after the shinsa
      • note that AUSKF now only offers English menjo
      • the menjo will be printed with names as they appear on the form, which are how they are recorded in the AUSKF membership form
      • if you wish to make any name changes, please include a note describing your change in detail. We will need to make a change request to the AUSKF treasurer, as they will be confirming kenshi names and membership status prior to menjo printing.
    • menjo fees will be printed on the form
      • menjo fees are not optional; they are in fact a certification fee paid to AUSKF to register the new rank. A kenshi who does not pay the fee will remain at their old rank.
      • make check payable to Southern California Kendo Federation (not abbreviated "SCKF").
    • send your check by 5/17/13 to:
          Dennis Ralutin, 210 N Hoover St, Los Angeles CA 90004
      If modifications are necessary, please email your modified form to both Dennis Ralutin and Jean Kodama asap, including a detailed description of the change in your email.

Shinsa duty meetings

  • 11:00am coordinators, announcers, tachiai, motodachi
  • 11:45am examiners
  • note: both include obento, and will be held at the picnic tables on the north side of the gym

List of examiners and volunteers (alphabetical)

  • Examiners:
    Please wear coat and tie.
    Harada B (STYO), Henmi M (NOR), Huh K (CHUO), Kato T (COV), Kinno K (OCB), Park J (CYP), Shikai M (CHUO), Shoraku T (COV), Yamasaki J (PCI), Yuge T (TOR)

  • Court coordinators:
    Please wear SCKF polo shirt (or a plain polo or dress shirt) and slacks
    Olson B (CM), Yamamoto J (SD)

  • Announcer/timers:
    Please wear SCKF polo shirt (or a plain polo or dress shirt) and slacks
    Chinen K (GED), Timbrook S (SB)

  • Tachiai:
    Please wear keikogi and hakama
    Brown N (TOR), Han C (STYO), Imai H (STYO), Kariya Y (NOR) Makiuchi K (STYO), Park J (IRV), Yamamoto D (SS)

  • Motodachi:
    Please wear keikogi, hakama, and bogu
    Imai H (STYO), Kariya Y (NOR)

  • Other:
    Murakami I (NOR): head examiner
    Kodama J (NOR): head coordinator
    Shikai Y (CHUO): assistant coordinator

Shinkyu shinsa results

new 6 kyu
SONG John (ANC), SONG Joshua (ANC), YAP Misha (PCI), IWATA Caleb (PCI), CHURCH Joseph (PCI),

new 5 kyu
KIM Isaac (ANC), ISHII Naoki (GED), ISHII Koji (GED), CHOI Daniel (NOR), KIM Jun Bae (NOR),

new 4 kyu
CHOI Junghun (IRV), EDDINGER Nick (SS), PAK Tina (YKJ), MIYATA Billy (GED), KAPLAN Marc (SS), KIM Ryan (ANC), LOVELAND Nobuko (PCI), COSPER Clint (PCI), LIN Ben (COV), DISMUKES Daryle (SD), CHOI Eun Seok (TOR), BUTTERWORTH Jeff (WS),

new 3 kyu
HUBERT Keishin (COV), OH Brandon (IRV), CAVERLY Daichi (SD), LEE Tony (IRV), KO Jee Yun (YKJ), RICHARDSON Kenji (PCI), KANESHIRO Mark D.J. (SFV), KIM Soung Bae (NOR), MATAYOSHI Kyle (SS), LOVELAND John (PCI), YOUNG Tom (SS), SONG Joon (ANC), REYES Jayson (SS), YOON Sean Won Sik (YKJ), SAWADA Ritsuko (SD), OH Jin Won (YKJ), RUNDLE Joe (SD), HAN Anthony (WS),

new 2 kyu
JUNG Sukhyun (IRV), TANAKA Rei (GED), JI Daniel (NOR), REGACHO Jayson (SS), ABURTO Ivan (COV), KIM Dong Juo (CHUO), LIM Steve (NOR), IWASAKI Tetsuya (TOR), STOPNIEWICZ Albert (CM), LIMBERT Alexander (TOR),

new 1 kyu
KIM Jeremy D. (ANC), KIM Christie (NOR), ASHBY Travis (CM), LEE John (ANC), KO Sang Yun (YKJ), ONO Clark (SD), TROST Jeffrey (NOR), UJIIE Shingo (GED), BASHA Noriko (SFV),

new 1 dan
KIL Yuri (CHUO), HAHN Danielle (NOR), CHOI Kevin (ANC), YOON Courtney (NOR), MIYATA Mathew (GED), LEE Changyoun (IRV), YOO Paul (PCI), SHIN Jay (IRV), CRAWFORD Sam (PCI),

new 2 dan
ASHBY Jasmin (CM), MAKIUCHI Teppei (STYO), SAKAI Hiro (PCI), FU Linda (NOR),

new 3 dan
OWAKI Chizuko (COV), YOON Brian (NOR),

new 4 dan

Congratulations to all!

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