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Goodwill Keiko with Fukuoka Ohori High School
Sun, 2/16/14
Norwalk Dojo

Dear Kendo Friends:

Fukuoka Ohori High School will be coming once again this year to visit us in Southern California. Ohori won the Gyokuryuki HS Championships this past summer, placing first out of 574 high schools in Japan. Moreover, Kakeru Umegatani, the captain of this year's team beat an unprecedented 11 people straight, including 4 in the finals, to win the championships.
If you recall, Ohori came in 2011, and we had a great turnout and event in Southern California with our kenshi. Ohori's captain at the time, Takenouchi-kun, is now a member of Team Japan and was the World Combat Games Under 25y Champion in 2013, and also All-Japan College Team Champion.

This is a great opportunity for the young kenshi from all the federations to get together and practice with Japanese kenshi. Norwalk Dojo has been kind enough to open their dojo on Sunday, February 16th from 8:00am to 12:00pm to host a Goodwill Keiko with Fukuoka Ohori High School. Kenshi of all ages are welcome, and perhaps some selected few high school kenshi can do practice shiai with the Ohori team before we open up a "ji-keiko" for everyone.

    WHEN:  Sunday, Feb. 16th, 8am~12pm
    WHERE: NORWALK DOJO: 14615 S. Gridley Road, Norwalk, CA 90651

If you could give me a general estimate of how many people are coming by 2/10, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you always for your friendship and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Chris Yang

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