Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Championships
Thu 6/26 - Sun 6/29, 2014
San Diego CA

AUSKF championship summary info
  • AUSKF Championship Divisions (see detailed info)
    • Individual Divisions:
      • Men’s Individual (max 7)
      • Women’s Individual (max 7)
      • Senior Youth Boy’s Individual, ages 16-18 (max 5)
      • Junior Youth Boy’s Individual, ages 12-15 (max 5)
      • Senior Youth Girl’s Individual, ages 16-18 (max 5)
      • Junior Youth Girl’s Individual, ages 12-15 (max 5)
      • Seniors Division, ages 50+ (max 5)
      • Mudansha Division, kyu ages 16+, men/women (max 5)
    • Team Divisions
      • Men’s Team (5 person team, max 7)
      • Women’s Team (5 person team, max 7)
      • Boy’s Team Senior Youth,16-18 (3 person team, max 5)
      • Boy’s Team Junior Youth, 12-15 (3 person team, max 5)
      • Girl’s Youth Team, 18- (3 person team, max 5)
    • Competitors in the following divisions must be a registered AUSKF member in good standing for three (3) years prior to the date of the Championships (new shiai rules):
      • Men’s Individual and Team
      • Women’s Individual and Team
  • AUSKF Championship Schedule summary (see detailed info, updated 6/20/14)
    • Thursday, 6/26
      Team bus depart for San Diego
    • Friday, 6/27
      Junior/Senior Boys and Girls, Individual and Team
      Senior Division, Individual and Team
    • Saturday, 6/28
      Men's and Women's Division, Individual
      Mudansha Division, Individual and Team
    • Sunday, 6/29
      Men's and Women's Division, Team
      Sayonara Party (evening)
    • Monday, 6/30
      Team bus return from San Diego

Shinpan and volunteer information
AUSKF Championships tshirt and tenugui
  • order form (pdf)
  • order by dojo, make check payable to Southern California Kendo Federation
  • deadline 5/24/14 to email order form to Yuge sensei

Breakfast box, bento lunch, sayonara party, and shuttle bus information
Team bus preliminary information (5/13/14)
  • Email a dojo head count to Hosokawa Spencer sensei
    deadline 5/24/14
  • Location: TBD (possibly a park 'n ride location near the city of Norwalk)
    Departure: June 26, Thursday AM (TBD)
    Return: June 30, Monday Noon
  • Transportation to San Diego:
    All official volunteers, referees, and Team SCKF members are FREE!
    Family and friends are $40 round trip.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: We need a responsible individual to "be in charge" of the bus to take "roll call" and make sure everyone is on board for both the departure and return. This "in charge volunteer" will get the round trip bus ride for FREE! First come, first serve!!
  • Transportation in San Diego:
    There will be a shuttle bus between the hotel and tournament site (see above)

Information from AUSKF
  • preliminary infornation (email 11/25/13)

    Dear AUSKF Member Federations:

    Attached are three information documents:

    I know that many of you are anxiously waiting this information. I apologize for being a couple weeks late as we needed to confirm the site at the recent AUSKF Board meeting.

    With regards to the competitors, the attached will give you guidelines as to the requirements of each division. Please review carefully as there may be slight changes from the last championships.

    In January of 2014, we will send out the official entry forms and the entry deadline will be announce at that time. Also the forms will include bento, Sayonara Party, referees, breakfast info, etc.

    The hotel information sheet is "now available" for use to begin room reservation process!

    The airport will be the San Diego International Airport. Please proceed with making your reservations.

    NOTE: The Sayonara Party will take place on Sunday night (June 29th).

    We are also planning to have transportation to/from hotel to gym (on tournament days only).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

    Thank you and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Tim Yuge
    Vice-President of Competition, All U.S. Kendo Federation (AUSKF)

  • final information (email 6/22/14)

    Dear AUSKF Member Federations:

    Please find attached:

    Please distribute to the appropriate individuals and contact us if any questions.

    Note: Championship players must bring their own mejirushi (formerly "tasuki") ribbon set. Mejirushi will not be available at the championship site.

    We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

    Thank you!

    Tim Yuge
    Vice-President of Competition, All U.S. Kendo Federation (AUSKF)

AUSKF Championships Results Summary
(also see full results including tournament trees)

Jr Youth Girls Individual
1st: SCK-102 Kil Yuri

2nd: PNK-104 McManus K
3rd: PNK-102 Kim H
3rd: NCK-101 Park S
FS: SCO-103 Kiuchi H
FS: PNK-103 Kojima A
FS: SCK-103 Satoh Ririka

FS: SCK-105 Kim Taery

Jr Youth Boys Individual
1st: SCK-201 Horii Tatsuya

2nd: WKF-202 Wang B
3rd: SEK-201 Cho W
3rd: SEK-205 Ro J
FS: PNK-203 Marsten T
FS: SCO-201 Ogikubo A
FS: ECK-201 Koizumi T
FS: SCO-204 Miyazato M

Women's Individual
1st: SCK-607 Kim Esther

2nd: SCO-606 Lorimer I
3rd: SCK-603 Nakamoto Roxine

3rd: SCO-602 Harigai M
FS: NCK-602 Tanaka L
FS: AEK-601 Umemura K
FS: SCO-604 Sugeta S
FS: NCK-604 Kikunaga K

Youth Girls Team
1st: SCKF

2nd: NCKF

Mudansha Team
1st: SCKF

3rd: SWKIF

Women's Team
1st: SCKF

2nd: PNKF
4th: NCKF

Sr Youth Girls Individual
1st: PNK-302 Lin B
2nd: PNK-301 DeJong M
3rd: GNK-301 Kato M
3rd: SEK-303 Tchoumak JM
FS: NCK-301 Lyu C
FS: SCO-301 Hutchison M
FS: SCK-303 Tanaka Rei

FS: PKF-303 Liao M

Sr Youth Boys Individual
1st: SCK-402 Suzuki Lui

2nd: WKF-404 Choi D
3rd: NCK-404 Fujimoto K
3rd: NCK-402 Chiba K
FS: GNK-402 Ieuji R
FS: SCO-403 Sasaki G
FS: NCK-403 Park S
FS: WKF-403 Wi B

Men's Individual
1st: SCK-702 Harada Brandon

2nd: MWF-705 Tabata K
3rd: SCK-704 Yoo Simon

3rd: SCK-703 Yang Daniel

FS: SCK-705 Brown Jason

FS: SCO-705 Kamimoto K
FS: SCK-707 Chang Jeffrey

FS: CCK-702 Williams J

Jr Youth Boys Team
1st: SCKO
2nd: WKF
3rd: SCKF


Senior Team
1st: NCKF
2nd: SCKO
4th: MWKF

Men's Team
1st: SCKF

2nd: SCKO
3rd: WKF
4th: NCKF

Mudansha Individual
1st: AEK-501 Park H
2nd: SCK-503 Iwasaki Tetsuya

3rd: SCK-504 Ono Clark

3rd: SCO-503 Williams T
FS: SCK-502 Dirickson Todd

FS: SWK-502 Dupre J
FS: SEK-503 Rice JH
FS: SEK-504 Stark N

Senior Individual
1st: NCK-803 Eitoku J
2nd: MWK-805 Fukaya O
3rd: SCO-801 Morinaga S
3rd: SCK-801 Park JayWook

FS: NCK-805 Harada M
FS: EKF-803 Seong J
FS: PNK-803 Marsten C
FS: SCO-804 Uchida L


Sr Youth Boys Team
1st: SCKF

2nd: WKF
3rd: NCKF
4th: EUSKF



note: "FS"=kantosho (fighting spirit)=best 8

Click on the thumbnail below for a Team SCKF group photo (courtesy Noriko Horii):

More photographs by Noriko Horii (13 albums):

  • DAY 0 (June 26): 1
  • DAY 1 (June 27): 2 3 4 5
  • DAY 2 (June 28): 6 7 8
  • DAY 3 (June 29): 9 10 11 12
  • DAY 3 (Sayonara Party) 13

Other photographs are still being processed and will be available shortly.

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