Southern California
Kendo Federation


Nisei Week Kendo Tournament
Sunday, 8/24/14
Almansor Gym, Alhambra

  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 10 years and under
    • kyu 11-13 years
    • kyu 14-15 years
    • women's kyu, 14 years and older
    • adult kyu (16 years and older)
    • team tournament
      • sempo: kyu 10 and under
      • jiho: kyu 13 and under
      • chuken: kyu 15 and under
      • fukusho: any kyu (any age)
      • taisho (captain): any kyu (any age)
      note: all team members must be from your dojo

  • tournament regulations
    • individual matches: 3 minutes, 2 minutes extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
    • team matches: 3 minutes, no extension
    • limitation of valid points (see SCKF tournament regulations)
      1. Tsuki shall not be considered as a valid point for Kyu groups.
      2. Kyu groups shall not use any kamae position except the standard chudan kamae; any point attempted from other kamae positions shall not be considered valid.
      3. Kyu groups shall not use the nito form.

  • tournament fees
    • entry fee: $15, all divisions
    • bento: $8

  • results

    10 years and under
    1st: T Ariga (BTD)
    2nd: A Fujiwawa (GAR)
    3rd: D Kim (ANC)
    3rd: M Nikaido (STYO)
    FS: R Miyoshi (VEN)
    FS: D Name (TOR)

    1st: M Sugiyama (STYO)
    2nd: D Nakashimo (GED)
    3rd: R Shima (GED)
    3rd: T Horii (TOR)
    FS: J Lee (WKF)
    FS: JH Chung (LCAN)

    Adult Kyu Group 1
    1st: SK Choi (TOR)
    2nd: J Satyapan (GED)
    3rd: J Chung (OCB)
    3rd: T Tada (STYO)

    1st: Butokuden
    2nd: Torrance
    3rd: Gardena
    3rd: Covina

    1st: A Ogikubo (GAR)
    2nd: N Suzuki (CM)
    3rd: D Sakai (GAR)
    3rd: A Fujiwara (GAR)
    FS: J Tada (STYO)
    FS: S Want (TOR)

    Women's Kyu
    1st: K Tada (STYO)
    2nd: T Kim (TOR)
    3rd: K Miyoshi (VEN)
    3rd: M Kiuchi (GAR)

    Adult Kyu Group 2
    1st: A Minamitani (TOR)
    2nd: T Dirickson (TOR)
    3rd: D Ji (NOR)
    3rd: T Paik (CM)


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