SCKF bylaws change notes

This page is intended to assist in understanding proposed changes to the bylaws which will be voted on at the November 2014 meeting by the SCKF dojo representatives.

  • current bylaws
  • 1st draft:
    handed out at 10/11/15 Board meeting, with additions indicated in bold and deletions indicated by strikethrough
  • 2nd draft:
    markups of 1st draft discussed and agreed to at 10/11/15 Board meeting, also indicated by bold and strikethrough
  • final draft:
    additional clean up, indicated by green highlighting
  • clean draft:
    same as final draft, but with markups and highlighting removed

Summary of all proposed changes in the final draft with respect to the current bylaws:

  • general summary of changes
    • modifications to support the kendo-related arts of iaido and jodo, including addition of the office of Iaido Chair
    • modifications to allow meetings to be held other than face-to-face
      • the entire Board of Directors will still meet face-to-face at least once a quarter
      • otherwise, Executive Board meetings will occur monthly, but not necessarily face-to-face.
      • if a quorum is not present at the Executive Board meeting, business may be transacted by correspondence, or the Executive Board may act upon items within an approved budget
    • removal of the office of Equipment Chairman
    • miscellaneous clean up, for example adding "a" or "the" where needed, deleting extraneous spaces, cleaning up grammar and punctuation, fixing typos, adding page numbers, etc

    Notes for changed articles are listed below; please refer to both the notes and the final draft markups. Most articles are not affected, and are not listed below Miscellaneous clean up is also not listed, but can be seen in the final draft markups.

  • Article III- Membership
    • Section 1: reworded so as not to exclude iaido or jodo.
    • Section 2: requires "Kendo" and/or "Iaido" and/or "Jodo" in the dojo name
    • Section 3: reworded so as not to exclude iaido or jodo. Also clarifies a dojo instructor's rank must be recognized by SCKF.
  • Article VI - Board of Directors and Officers
    • Section 2: add jodo
    • Section 4: delete Equipment Chairman and add Iaido Chair
  • Article VII - Election of Officers
    • Section 1: change election from November Board of Directors meeting to last Board of Directors meeting of the year
    • Section 2: revise nominations timeline
  • Article VIII - Duties of Officers
    • Section 9: correct spelling of Otsuka Kikin (not Kiken)
    • Section 10: delete Equipment Chairman and replace with Iaido Chair
  • Article X - Meetings (was "Board of Directors Meetings")
    • Section 1: changes Board of Directors meeting from monthly to quarterly, with first meeting of the year in January, and meetings to be held on the second Saturday of the month if possible.
    • Section 2: changes the Annual General Meeting from December to first meeting of the calendar year
    • Section 7: defines the Executive Board
    • Section 8: adds purpose, responsibilities, and timing of Executive Board Meetings

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