Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF 2015 Federation Dues

  • please submit your annual membership dues at the SCKF March Board meeting or earlier

  • dues summary (from fees page)

    SCKF Dues
    AUSKF Dues
    17 years and under
    18 years and over

  • dues files (xls) were sent to each dojo in early February
    • for returning members, enter "4/1/2015" in the "registration day" column, check the appropriate age column using a lowercase "x", and fill in AUSKF fee amount (25 or 40)
    • for non-returning members, leave row as is (do not delete or move)
    • add members who were not registered in 2014 in the "new members" section
    • please make sure the last name and first name are as the kenshi would wish to see on their menjo
    • for yellow fields, please provide more information (eg birthdate or menjo). Other color fields are info for AUSKF (for example, new ranks received in 2014).
    • please fill in your dojo's contact information if it is blank
    • do not add your own formulas, columns, formatting, font, etc

  • submission and payment is by dojo
    • the xls file only sums the AUSKF fees. Please submit payment for the total of both AUSKF and SCKF fees ($66 for 18 and over, $39 for 17 yrs and under). Ages are as of 4/1/2015.
    • payment for your dojo should be submitted in one check written to Southern California Kendo Federation
    • email your updated excel file to the both Kevin Abe and Jean Kodama
    • hand your check to Kevin Abe, or mail it to:
      Kevin Abe, 117 E Victoria Ave, Montebello CA 90640
    • the deadline is 3/7, the March meeting.
      If you need more time, contact Kevin Abe or Jean Kodama asap

  • 2015 is a transitional year for federation membership starting and ending dates (April 1st through March 31st, vs January 1st through December 31st, see announcement). In practice, there should be no real difference for SCKF members.

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