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AUSKF Iaido Education Tour
Sunday 3/22/15, Venice Iaido Dojo

The 2015 AUSKF Iaido Educational Tour will feature Chihiro Kishimoto Sensei (iaido hanshi 8 dan, jodo kyoshi 7 dan) from Chiba prefecture and Toshio Maehara Sensei (iaido hanshi 8 dan, jodo kyoshi 7 dan) from Hiroshima prefecture. They will be accompanied by the AUSKF Iaido Chairman, Shozo Kato Sensei (kendo kyoshi 8 dan, iaido kyoshi 7 dan).

The education tour will end in Southern California with an iaido seminar held in Venice on Sunday, March 22.

  • seminar information and application form: doc, pdf
    deadline is 3/19/15

  • location: Venice Japanese Community Center
    12448 Braddock Dr, Los Angeles CA 90066

  • schedule summary (see details):
    8a-12p  open practice
    12p-2p  lunch break; sensei arrive
    2-6p    iaido seminar
    7:30p   dinner (see below)

  • dinner 7:30pm at Kagura Restaurant
    1652 Cabrillo Ave, Torrance CA 90501-2819

  • on 3/20-21 NCIA will be hosting the Northern California leg of the education tour, which will include jodo

  • sensei Southern California itineraries
    Sun 3/22 arrive LAX 11:25a AA 5400 from San Jose
    Mon 3/23 depart LAX 12:30p NH 5 for Narita (Kishimoto/Maehara sensei)
    Mon 3/23 depart LAX 11:36a UA 1489 for Newark (Kato sensei) 

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