Southern California
Kendo Federation


Southern California Kendo Championships
Sunday 6/28/15
Wilson Park, Torrance

  • tournament divisions
    • non-championship divisions
      • 0-6 kyu (14 years and older will be placed in the 5-4 kyu group)
      • 5-4 kyu
      • 3-1 kyu
      • adult kyu (18 years and older)
      • women's kyu (14 years and older)
      • women's yudansha (may also enter individual championship)
      • senior division (yudansha, 50-59 and 60 and over groups, may also enter individual championship)
    • individual championship
      • yudansha only
      • must have been a member of SCKF for the 12 months prior to the Championship (see April'2015 dojo rosters)
      • shinai weight check will be conducted
    • note: team championship is in the fall

  • tournament regulations
    • see SCKF Tournament Rules and Regulations for full regulations
      • section 4.b.iii: Limitation of valid points
        1. Tsuki shall not be considered as a valid point for kyu groups.
        2. Kyu groups shall not use any kamae position except the standard chudan kamae. Any point attempted from other kamae positions shall not be considered valid.
        3. Kyu groups shall not use the nito form.
      • as usual, hidari do will be considered a valid point in all divisions (kyu and yudansha)
      • participants are responsible for their own set of mejirushi; SCKF will not be responsible for any loss or damage
    • time limits for this tournament
      • kyu: 3 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
      • women's dan and senior: 4 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
      • individual championship: 5 min, unlimited extension
    • initial round will be round robin for the individual championships and selected non-championship divisions (depending on size)
      • winner of round robin round will be determined by most wins, then most points, then 1pon shobu playoff.

  • tournament fees
    • kyu 17 and under: $15
    • kyu 18 and older: $20
    • yudansha: $20
    • bento: $8

  • guests (note: not all will be in attendance)
    • Patrick J. Furey (Torrance Mayor)
    • Heidi Ann Ashcraft (Torrance Council Member)
    • Gene Barnett (Torrance Council Member)
    • Tim Goodrich (Torrance Council Member)
    • Mike Griffiths (Torrance Council Member)
    • Geoff Rizzo (Torrance Council Member)
    • Kurt Weideman (Torrance Council Member)
    • John R. Jones (Torrance Community Services Department)
    • Joyce Bell (Torrance Community Services Department)
    • Kubota Nikkei Mortuary (Mr Hiro Suzuki, Ms Nina Suzuki)
    • George Nakano (SCKF Director Emeritus)

  • head judges
    • shinpan cho (chief judge): T Shoraku
    • shinpan shunin (court judges): M Shikai, T Yuge, K Arima, K Chinen

  • thank you to our sponsors
    • Mazkiya: first place gift certificates
    • Kendo Style: first place gift certificates
    • Kubota Nikkei Mortuary: kantosho trophies

  • results
    HM=best 8, FS=kantosho

    0-6 Kyu
    1st: Kim Enzo (GED)
    2nd: Yang S (TOR)
    3rd: Yu Paul (TOR)
    3rd: Kim Ennio (GED)
    FS: Tada S (STYO)

    Adult Kyu
    1st: Kao CT (CM)
    2nd: Fung A (CM)
    3rd: Choi E (TOR)
    3rd: Tseng G (NOR)
    FS: Hughes A (SDKB)
    FS: Gamboa M (CM)

    1st: Sakaue M (COV)
    2nd: Yamasaki J (PCI)
    3rd: Takahashi K (CM)
    3rd: Maekawa Y (OCB)

    5-4 Kyu Group
    1st: Yoon J (TOR)
    2nd: Choi J (TOR)
    3rd: Sugiyama K (STYO)
    3rd: Hur B (TOR)
    FS: Kim E (TOR)
    FS: Ueno F (TOR)

    Women's Kyu
    1st: Kim T (TOR)
    2nd: Maekawa S (OCB)
    3rd: Shim D (ANC)
    3rd: Higuchi M (COV)

    Yudansha Championships
    1st: Horii T (TOR)
    2nd: Imai H (STYO)
    3rd: Hatakeyama J (TOR)
    3rd: Chang J (NOR)

    3-1 Kyu
    1st: Sugiyama M (STYO)
    2nd: Nakashimo T (GED)
    3rd: Chilingerian J (PCI)
    3rd: Shima R (GED)
    FS: Nakashimo D (GED)

    Women's Dan
    1st: Dong A (CM)
    2nd: Yoon C (NOR)

    HM: Makiuchi T (STYO)
    HM: Miyata M (GED)
    HM: Watanabe T (OCB)
    HM: Kikunaga H (SDKB)

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