Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Saturday, 8/8/15, Chuo Dojo, 7:30pm
6pm Godo Geiko (hosted by PJCI and SDKB)

FINAL (see bottom)
  1. Approval of meeting agenda
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes (see note 2 below)
  3. Financial report [K Abe]
  4. Old business
    1. SCKF Kata Seminar [J Kodama]
      7/19/15, Covina
    2. Takenouchi sensei keiko [B Harada]
      7/31/15, Huntington Beach
    3. AUSKF Jr Open and Seminar [B Harada]
      8/1-2/15, Huntington Beach
    4. Nikkei Games [M Yu]
      8/9/15, CSULB
    5. Nisei Week [M Yu]
      8/23/15, Alhambra
    6. Guidelines for Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws [J Kodama]
      vote on document approval
  5. New business
    1. Calendar and website updates [J Kodama]
      1. godo geiko (complete 2016 schedule)
      2. officer page (Chuo rep email)
      3. SCKF fall shinsa (add page)
      4. dojo update (WS new day)
      5. deadline review
    2. Shoraku sensei's AUSKF kodansha shinsa suggestion [J Kodama]
      discussion and approval to forward to AUSKF promotion VP
    3. kodansha keiko [J Kodama]
      periodic meeting of SCKF kodansha sensei and head instructors
    4. shinsa workshop proposal, 9/13 or 9/20 [J Kodama]
      volunteer training and testing workshop (emphasis on 3dan/4dan kenshi)
  6. Committee business
    1. Tournament Committee: ideas for increasing turn out [M Yu]
    2. Education Committee: monthly youth practice proposal [B Harada]
  7. Review action items
  8. Adjourn


  1. Please review the draft agenda and send feedback asap to J Kodama so it can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting (keep watching for updates up until that point)
  2. Please review the minutes and send feedback asap to J Yamasaki so they can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting
  3. Revisions
    1. 8/1/15 initial draft
    2. 8/3/15 updates
      - add V.A.4: WS new day
      - add VI.B: monthly youth practice
    3. 8/4/15 updates
      - add godo geiko and hosts to header
    4. 8/5/15 updates
      - mark as final draft
    5. 8/8/15 final approval at meeting

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