Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Saturday, 12/5/15, Chuo Dojo, 7:30pm
6pm Godo Geiko (hosted by OCB)

FINAL (see bottom)
  1. Approval of meeting agenda
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes (see note 2 below)
  3. Financial report [K Abe]
  4. Old business
    1. SCKF fall shinsa [J Kodama]
      10/18/15, Wilson Park
    2. Norwalk Dojo 50th anniversary [J Kodama]
      11/8/15, Norwalk Dojo
    3. AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa [J Kodama]
      11/14-15/15, Detroit
    4. SCKF Iaido Seminar and Shinsa [D Ralutin]
    5. 2016 Calendar [J Kodama]
      continue discussion
  5. New business
    1. Calendar and website updates [J Kodama]
      1. Officers (new Chuo president)
      2. Holiday schedule (new page)
      3. Nov'15 kodansha keiko (new page)
      4. FIK shinpan seminar (add attendees)
      5. Steveston Tournament 2/20/16 (new page)
      6. North-South Tournament 3/20/16 (new item)
      7. AUSKF Apr Board meeting and shinsa 4/9-10/16 (new item)
      8. SCKF spring shinsa 4/16/16 (new item)
      9. SCKF championships 6/26/16 (new item)
      10. SCKF fall shinsa 10/16/16 (new item)
      11. AUSKF Nov Board meeting and shinsa 11/12-13/16 (new item)
      12. Gedatsu godo geiko and batto do 12/15,17,19/15 (new item)
      13. AUSKF Newsletter, Vol18 No2 (published 11/10/15)
      14. Deadline review
    2. Yamaguchi Sensei/Murakami Sensei Memorial Tournament [M Yu]
      1/24/16, Wilson Park; format
    3. SCKF New Year's party [J Kodama]
      2/7/16, Almansor Court
    4. Oda Sensei Iaido Tour [D Ralutin]
  6. Committee business
    1. Tournament Committee [M Yu]
      1. toban proposals for set up and refreshment
  7. Review action items
  8. Adjourn


  1. Please review the draft agenda and send feedback asap to J Kodama so it can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting (keep watching for updates up until that point)
  2. Please review the minutes and send feedback asap to J Yamasaki so they can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting
  3. Revisions
    1. 11/30/15 initial draft
    2. 12/1/15 updates
      - V.A.5 (add Steveston page, was just invitation.pdf)
    3. 12/2/15 updates
      - V.A.6-11 (add many 2016 calendar items)
      - V.B (add New Year's party page)
      - V.C (add Oda sensei iaido tour)
      - V.A.12 (add Gedatsu events)
      - V.A.13 (add AUSKF newsletter link)
      - remove VI (committee business)
      - mark as final draft
    4. 12/5/15 final approval at meeting
      - add back VI (committee business)
      - add VI.A.1 (tournament refreshment and set up toban)
      - final approval at meeting

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