Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Saturday, 3/7/15, Chuo Dojo, 7:30pm

FINAL (see bottom)
  1. Approval of meeting agenda
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes (see note 2 below)
  3. Financial report [T Abe]
  4. Old business
    1. Kanto gakuin university visit [H Kikunaga]
      2/8/15, Silverado Park
    2. Steveston Tournament [T Yuge]
      2/14/15, Steveston
    3. North-South Tournament [J Kodama]
      3/15/15, San Jose
    4. 16th World Kendo Championships [T Yuge]
      May 29-31/15, Tokyo
    5. Team USA Good Luck BBQ [T Yang]
      3/7/15, Wilson Park
    6. SCKF Shinpan Seminar [T Yuge]
      3/29/15, venue?
    7. 2015 annual membership [J Kodama]
      due this meeting
  5. New business
    1. Calendar updates [J Kodama]
      1. Oda Sensei Iaido Tour 3/6-8/15 (page added)
      2. AUSKF Iaido Education Tour 3/22/15 (page added)
      3. SCKO seminar and mogi shinsa 3/22/15 (new event)
      4. AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa 4/11-12/15 (page added)
        note: shinsa application forms, checks, and menjo due this meeting
      5. SCKF Spring Shinsa 4/18/15 (page added, see below)
      6. SCKO team taikai 5/17/15 (new event)
      7. AUSKF Iaido Camp 6/18-22/15 (page added)
      8. Nisei Week 8/23/15 (need venue)
    2. New bylaws approval [S Timbrook]
      see updated document (vote by dojo reps this meeting)      
    3. SCKF Spring Shinsa Sat 4/18/15
      application files forthcoming; provide menjo names
  6. Committee reports and new committee approval
    1. Tournament committee [M Yu]
      members; Mori Hai trophies; taiko volunteer needed
    2. Approval of new committees
      1. Iaido committee: D Ralutin (chair)
      2. Finance committee: K Abe (chair)
  7. Review action items
  8. Adjourn


  1. Please review the draft agenda and send feedback asap to J Kodama so it can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting (keep watching for updates up until that point)
  2. Please review the minutes and send feedback by asap to J Yamasaki so they can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting
  3. Please pick up reprinted menjo: Covina (Keng Hsi-Hao), Torrance (Meza Robert)
  4. Revisions
    1. 2/27/15 initial draft
    2. 3/2/15 updates
      - add calendar update: 3/22 SCKO seminar and mogi shinsa
      - add calendar update: 5/17 SCKO team taikai
      - add category VI "committee reports and new committee approval"
      - add VI.A tournament committee report
      - add VI.B approval of new committees: iaido, finance
      - add note to pick up reprinted menjo (TOR, COV)
    3. 3/4/15 updates
      - add calendar update: 6/18-22 AUSKF iaido camp
      - add calendar update and new business: 4/18 SCKF spring shinsa
      - mark as final draft and create pdf
    4. 3/7/15 final approval at meeting
      - change heading to "final" (vs "final draft")

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