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SCKF Bylaws Amendment Proposal

This page briefly describes 2015 changes to the SCKF Bylaws. The Board of Directors accepted the proposed changes at the 1/10/15 Board meeting (see "proposed changes" section below). The Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws committee implemented the changes and produced a set of Bylaws update documents ready for review at the 2/7/15 Board meeting (see "implementation" section below), and approved wording changes to the last paragraph of Article VI Section 3 were posted 2/9/15. A few minor grammatical, typographical, or formatting clean up changes were also implemented prior to the March meeting.

A quorum of dojo representatives was present at the April 2015 meeting to approve the Bylaws changes.

Proposed changes (approved at 1/10/15 SCKF Board meeting)

  1. allow iaido/jodo dojo
    1. modify wording that specifies only kendo or iaido
    2. do not add iaido chair (see note 2)
  2. remove equipment chair (see note 2)
  3. remove corresponding secretary (role is obsolete)
  4. remove one historian (revert to one per original bylaws)
  5. clarify 2-term limit (VI.3): remove "impedes" phrase (approved at 2/7/15 meeting)
  6. bylaws change review period typically 2 weeks (vs 1 month)
  7. minor grammatical, typographical, and formatting clean up


  1. This proposal does not include the following two changes presented at the October'14 meeting
    - add Executive Board
    - changes to meeting occurrence wording (at least once a quarter, etc)
  2. Chairs will be covered in the policy and procedures document on committees
  3. Also see implementation notes below
Implementation of changes to Bylaws (approved at 4/4/15 SCKF Board meeting)
  • document links
  • the following notes are intended to assist in understanding the highlighted draft
    • red highlights are deletions
      yellow highlights are additions
      green highlights are typographical, grammatical, and formatting corrections
    • notes for changed articles are listed below
      • unaffected articles are not listed, nor is miscellaneous clean up (green highlight)
      • in the course of working on the changes, committee members concluded the following:
        • it is unnecessary to add specification of policies and procedures documents in the Bylaws (was proposed change "I" above, since deleted)
        • the intent of proposed change "VI" above is to allow the Board to specify the review period. Ended up stating "typically 1 month" (vs exactly 1 month or typically 2 weeks)

    • Article III- Membership
      • Section 1: reword so as not to exclude iaido or jodo
      • Section 2: reword so as not to exclude iaido or jodo
      • Section 3: reword so as not to exclude iaido or jodo. Also clarifies a dojo instructor's rank must be recognized by SCKF.
    • Article VI - Board of Directors and Officers
      • Section 2: add jodo
      • Section 3: delete Corresponding Secretary. Clarify 2-term limit.      
      • Section 4: delete Equipment Chairman and one Historian
    • Article VIII - Duties of Officers
      • Section 5: remove Corresponding Secretary
      • Section 6: remove one Historian
      • Section 10: remove Equipment Chairman
    • Article XIII - Amendments
      • Reword review period to allow length to be set by the Board
  1. 1/6/15 initial draft
  2. 1/8/15 updates:
    - insert V (revert back to one historian)
    - tweak VI (nomination for more than 2 terms)
  3. 1/10/15 updates:
    - VII. for "minor clean up" specify grammatical, typographical, and formatting
    - with the above, the proposed changes were approved at the 1/10/15 SCKF Board meeting
  4. 2/3/15 updates:
    add new section "Implementation of changes to Bylaws"
    - includes links to highlighted and clean drafts of new bylaws
    - includes notes on changes
  5. 2/9/15 updates:
    - edit opening paragraphs to reflect approvals and upcoming deadlines
    - ditto "proposed changes" section
    - modify paths to reflect March meeting change from 3/14/15 to 3/7/15
      - save previous document set in directory 150314b
      - save new document set in directory 150307b
      - rename this file to bl_2015_prop.htm
  6. 2/14/15 updates:
    uploaded highlighted and clean drafts (added last minute typographical, grammatical, and formatting clean up)
  7. 3/7/15 updates:
    - march meeting: did not have enough dojo representatives present to vote
  8. 4/4/15 updates:
    - april meeting: dojo representatives approved the bylaws changes
  9. 7/8/15 updates
    - create 2015/meetings/ppd/ directory for policies/procedures/bylaws
      proposal files, move bylaws prop files
    - add 3/7 and 4/4 update notes

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