Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Budget and Financial Policies and Procedures Proposal

We are in the process of creating a proposal for financial policies and procedures, as well as a budget for 2016.

Why we need financial policies

  • to outline SCKF's principles and views
  • to state general goals, plans, and rules
  • to provide these in a way that is easily interpreted and understood by everybody

Why we need financial procedures

  • to ensure we are conducting business in accordance with the SCKF Bylaws and state/federal laws
  • to provide
    • clear and concise descriptions of how to abide by our policies
    • documents and forms
    • how-to guidelines

In the works

  • formulating budget categories by looking at
    • recent financial reports
    • past budget reports      
  • creating financial policies and procedures by looking at
    • past practices (good and bad)
    • researching examples
  • establishing "cloud" storage areas for each dojo
    • allows information to be transferred without emailing files or handling physical copies
    • easier to locate and manage information
    • for documents such as membership files, financial reports, etc


  1. 9/12/15: initial draft

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