Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Zone 1 Shinpan Seminar
Sat-Sun 5/21-22/16, West High School, Torrance

  • see AUSKF news page for information and online registration
    • fee is $10, plus optional bento and dinner
    • deadline is 5/16/16
    • plan to be there at least 9 hours (75% of the time) and actively participate over the two days

  • seminar report from Yuge sensei:
    "Thank you to all SCKF sensei and kenshi who attended the seminar. It was very good event however, it would have been better if more 3 dan's from SCKF were able to attend. I know we are all busy, but as I mentioned at the last SCKF referee seminar, this would have been a good followup exercise. With regards to concussion, harassment, abuse issues, these are very important and I hope to have some information posted on the AUSKF website in the near future. However, many at the seminar expressed that the information was very valuable especially when presented at a 'live' event rather than reading materials..perhaps we can plan an event for SCKF to discuss these issues at a future date as all sensei need to be aware of these issues."

  • SCKF attendance (alphabetical, list of those who attended both days)
    • 2 Dan
      1. Cho, Geong Hwan (TOR)
    • 3 Dan
      1. Barley, Sean (SFV)
      2. Chinen, Masaaki (GED)
      3. Glaraton, Adriane (PCI)
      4. Inada, Charles (PCI)
      5. Kanamori, Masashi (TOR)
      6. Kikuchi, Grace (TOR)
      7. Kil, Sean (CHUO)
      8. Makiuchi, Kyoko (STYO)
      9. Makiuchi, Teppei (STYO)
      10. Ngo, Triet (OCB)
      11. Ra, Richard (CM)
      12. Sprowls, Kevin (SD)
      13. Towata, Noriko (SFV)
    • 4 Dan
      1. Chang, Scott (SD)
      2. Sunwoo, Eric (CHUO)
      3. Zau, Susan (SD)
    • 5 Dan
      1. Brown, Jason (TOR)
      2. Brown ,Nathan (TOR)
      3. Kaneshiro, William (SFV)
      4. Kikunaga, Henry (SD)
      5. Kinjo, Katsuhide (COV)
      6. Lee, Kook Bae (CHUO)
      7. Shigematsu, Shun (TOR)
    • 6 Dan (instructors)
      1. Abe, Kevin (STYO)
      2. Anderson, Emi (STYO)
      3. Harada, Brandon (STYO)
      4. Sakaue, Masataka (COV)
      5. Tew, Saeko (COV)
      6. Yang, Daniel (TOR)
    • 7 Dan (instructors)
      1. Arima, Kazuharu (STYO)
      2. Chinen, Katsuo (GED)
      3. Hosokawa, Spencer (CM)
      4. Kato, Tomoji (COV)
      5. Yuge, Tim (TOR)


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