Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Junior Open Tournament and Seminar
Sat-Sun 6/25-26/16
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI

  • SCKF practices (open to all youth kenshi, regardless of entry in junior nationals)
    Sun 3/13 8a-12p     Norwalk Dojo
    Sun 4/17 8a-12p     Norwalk Dojo (elimination tournament)
    Sun 5/8  8a-12p     Norwalk Dojo
    Sun 6/5  8a-11:30a  Norwalk Dojo

  • Junior Open event summary
    • schedule, fees, and eligibility
      • Sat 6/25 tournament
        • $30
        • open to 18 years old and under regardless of rank
        • age is as of Jan 1
        • 9am opening ceremony
      • Sun 6/26 seminar
        • $20
        • open to all tournament participants
        • 8am to noon?
    • individual divisions
      • 9 and under
      • 10-11
      • 12-13
      • 14-15
      • 16-18
      • girls 13 and under
      • girls 14-18
    • team divisions
      • 3-person youth team (11 and under, boys and girls)
      • 3-person girls team (18 and under)
      • 5-person boys team
        • senpo: 13 and under
        • jiho: 15 and under
        • chuken: 15 and under
        • fukusho: 18 and under
        • taisho: 18 and under

  • SCKF subsidy and selection proposal
    • approved by SCKF Board of Directors 4/11/16
      see google drive reports folder (accessible by dojo representatives)

  • team selection 4/17/16
    • information for the team selection process
      • kenshi should plan to arrive as they would for youth keiko (eg arrive between 7-7:30am to change and prepare)
      • sign ups will be that morning; kenshi must choose one of the following five categories to enter:
        1. youth team (11 and under boys and girls), 3 spots
        2. girls team (18 and under), 3 spots
        3. boys team (13 and under), 1 spot
        4. boys team (15 and under), 2 spots
        5. boys team (18 and under), 2 spots
        Kenshi must meet all qualification criteria for their chosen division (i.e. 15-year-old boy can choose to compete for an 18 and under spot, but not the 13 and under spot)
      • eliminations will start at 8am, or as soon as set up is complete
      • 3 full-size courts will be used
      • round robin eliminations
        • the initial groupings within each division will be by random draw
        • each kenshi will play round robin to determine their initial ranking
        • subsequent playoffs or rounds may be conducted as needed to further narrow the field, depending on the number of participants
        • ranking will be determined by total wins, and in event of ties in total wins, by total points won (ties, losses, and lost points are not counted). If ranking cannot be determined by total wins and won points, play off (1 point match) among ties will be used to determine the final ranking order.
        • time limit will be 2 or 3 minutes (depending on the number of participants).
      • nomination and selection of coaches will be done in May, so "coach's point" is moot
      • no youth training is planned for this morning, however if eliminations conclude early there may be optional keiko at the end

    • results are posted in the google drive reports folder (accessible by dojo representatives)

    • kenshi who did not make the team at the 4/17 eliminations have until 4/24 to be eligible for a $300 subsidy (see "non-team subsidy" above for details)
      • sign up with Mike Yu
      • total number signed up will be announced 4/25

  • Congratulations to SCKF winners!
    FS=kantosho (fighting spirit) award
    • 9 years and under
      3rd: Jacob Huh SCKF
      FS: Junnosuke Nagamatsu SCKF
    • 10-11 years
      FS: Peter Yu SCKF
    • 14-15 years
      1st: Rinnosuke Nagamatsu SCKF
      2nd: Noah Suzuki SCKF
      3rd: Noah Nakayama SCKF
    • 13 years and under girls
      2nd: Kysa Hayashi SCKF
    • 14-18 years girls
      1st: Taery Kim SCKF
      2nd: Jaime Tada SCKF
      FS: Kasey Tada SCKF
    • youth team
      2nd: SCKF B
    • girls team
      3rd: SCKF B
    • boys team
      3rd: SCKF A

    See AUSKF news page for full results, thanks, and photo gallery links;
    see also past results

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