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Tagawa Sensei Hanshi Celebration 10/30/16
Sun 10/30/16, location tbd

Dear WKF, SCKO and SCKF sensei and members:

You are cordially invited to attend a day of celebration in honor of Yoshiteru Tagawa-sensei's achievement of the title, Kendo-Hanshi, which was conferred upon him earlier this year by the All Japan Kendo Federation.

As many of you know, this attainment of the title, Hanshi, is a life-time achievement for a kendoist in during their life long pursuit of training in kendo. This is particularly eventful for kendo in the United States, as this is the first time in modern history that this title was earned and presented to a sensei who is a member from outside the AJKF. Not only is this an achivement for Tagawa-sensei, but is an honor for All U.S. Kendo Federation members as sensei represents the quality of kendo that we do in the United States.

On Sunday, October 30, 2016, Tagawa-sensei will be visiting Los Angeles while on his way to Japan to attend the AJKF Championships as his duty for his position of AUSKF President and FIK Western Zone Vice-President. During his brief stay, upon request, he has agreed to have a mini-seminar and keiko during the afternoon, and then attend a celebration dinner in his honor.

The seminar will be open to all head instructors and kodansha sensei. The dinner party is open to all dojo kenshi and guests who wish to join in the celebration of Tagawa-sensei's achievement.

It should also be noted that Tagawa-sensei was in Southern California for many years before he moved to the Detroit area. As such, he has a special fondness and respect for the Southern California area kenshi and sensei. He is deeply honored to be able to celebrate this special occasion amongst his fellow kenshi.

The current plans are:

Seminar & godo-keiko: Oct. 30th, 1pm to 4:30 pm
    Location: Torrance Dojo

Dinner party:  Oct. 30th, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
    Location: Szechwan Restaurant
              2107 Pacific Coast Hwy Lomita, CA 90717
    Cost: $35/person (Drinks not included)
          (Dinner funds will be collected at seminar and/or restaurant - cash only)
Please find attached a registration form which we would like returned by Oct. 14th so we can plan for the dinner and the location. Please return via fax or email to:
    T. Yuge  email, fax: (805) 823-1712
We greatly appreciate your support and we hope to see you on Oct. 30th!

Tim Yuge


  • seminar location: Torrance Dojo (vs tbd)
  • application due date: 10/14 (vs 10/7)

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