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AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
Sat-Sun, 11/12-13/16, Palisades Park NJ

  • AUSKF Board meeting, Sat-Sun 11/12-13

    • selected notes from the meeting (pending official AUSKF announcement)

      • increased fees for membership, kodansha shinsa, and menjo
                               new       old
        membership dues
          17 and under         $30       $25
          full time students    30        --
          18 and over           60        40
          initiation            10        -- (new ausid)
        kodansha shinsa fees
          5dan                $100       $50
          6dan                 120        50
          7dan                 150        50
          renshi               120        50
          kyoshi               150        50
          foreign test         100        50
        menjo fees
          kyu 17 and under     $20       $10
          kyu 18 and over       30        20
          1dan                  50        30
          2dan                  60        40
          3dan                  80        60
          4dan                 100        80
          5dan                 150       100
          6dan                 200       150
          7dan                 300       200
          8dan                  --       400
          renshi               300       200
          kyoshi               500       300
          hanshi               700       500
          replacement           50        20
      • new membership management system (as voted on in the meeting)
        • online registration and payment system was approved to go live in January (individuals go online to sign themselves up and pay)
        • the system will replace the current system of each dojo submitting payment and spreadsheet to SCKF, and then SCKF submitting combined payment and spreadsheet (cleaned up) to AUSKF
        • the new database will be pre-populated with membership from the current database
        • the previously planned option to support batch input via spreadsheets will not be available. This means federations and/or dojos will not be able to phase in the system under their own control.

    • Updates
      • 12/3/16: SCKF BoD meeting; action item: how to obtain AUSKF financial reports
      • 12/5/16: "New Membership Management System" news item posted to the AUSKF news area (includes announcement of new membership fees, but accidentally leaves off the new initiation fee)
      • 1/5/17: "AUSKF Newsletter Volume 19 No. 1" news item posted to the AUSKF news area (includes meeting notes)
      • 1/14/17: SCKF BoD meeting; action item: draft letter to AUSKF to request financial reports (see "AUSKF bylaws" Article XIII, pg 18-19 (inspection rights of members) and express new membership system concerns
      • 1/29/17: "Updated Promotion Exam Fees" news item posted to the AUSKF news area; also fix typos in 6dan/7dan menjo fees above
      • 2/1/17: "New AUSKF Membership Website Security Concerns" email thread posted
      • 2/4/17: SCKF BoD meeting; approve AUSKF request letter
      • 2/5/17: request letter emailed to AUSKF BoD. Also add some clarifying verbiage at the top of this page on the new membership system ("individuals go online", etc).
      • 2/9/17: response received from AUSKF (no action until they discuss at 4/8-9/17 meeting)
      • 2/14/17: "New Membership Management System Test" news item posted to the AUSKF news area (trial window 2/14-19)
      • 2/24/17: 2nd letter emailed to AUSKF announcing intention to use "old way" (spreadsheet and check) for March membership
      • 2/25/17: created 2017 dues page, SCKF 2017 spreadsheets (with added student and initiation fee columns) will be due 3/24/17 (vs March meeting)
      • 3/09/17: "Registration Update and Heads-Up" news item posted to the AUSKF news area (support for collective registration)
      • 4/1/17: SCKF BoD meeting; approve AUSKF follow up letter
      • 4/6/17: 3rd letter (follow up) emailed to AUSKF BoD
      • 4/23/17: "AUSKF letter explaining fee changes" news item posted to the AUSKF news area (instead of the requested minutes and financial reports)
      • 10/10/17: update received from AUSKF (they consider all issues resolved)
      • 11/5/17: 4th letter (response) emailed to AUSKF BoD

  • AUSKF kodansha shinsa, Sun 11/13
    • see AUSKF information, including shinsa forms
    • for SCKF applicants
      • an SCKF external shinsa application form will also need to be filled out
        • applicant section: sign, date, and provide information to enable the shinsa advisory board to make an approval decision
        • head instructor section: just sign and date (other information is intended for requesting ranks 4dan and below outside SCKF)
      • deadline for SCKF signature is Sunday, 10/16/16
        • hand in the application package (AUSKF application form, SCKF form, copy of menjo, written test, and check payable to All United States Kendo Federation) at the SCKF fall shinsa
        • alternatively, mail the application package to Jean Kodama so it is received by 10/16, and also send email notification that the package is on the way
      • SCKF will then handle:
        • approval by Shinsa Advisory Board (do NOT contact them yourself)
        • signature by SCKF president
        • express mail to AUSKF
    • congratulations to the following SCKF sensei for passing their exams!
      • 7dan: Brandon Harada (STYO)
      • 7dan: Song Choi (TOR)
      • Kyoshi: Chris Yang (TOR)

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