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Google Drive Notes

Starting in 2016 we will use google drive as a means for SCKF to share sensitive files with our dojo representatives and officers.
  • old method
    • electronic files (eg membership or other application files) were emailed, which is not a secure method to share files
    • printed materials (eg financial reports, budgets, etc) were handed out at board meetings, which does not give adequate time for careful review and discussion at the dojo level
  • new method: online access
    • public areas (eg web pages) are open for the world to see
    • private areas (nonpublic, restricted access cloud storage) are needed to share sensitive information
  • we decided to go with google drive
    • offers 15 GB free storage (pay options include $2/mo for 100GB, $10/mo for 1TB)
    • private report folder(s) will be used to share common info with dojo representatives and officers
    • each dojo will have its own private folder for dojo-specific info, with access granted to the dojo's representatives
    • users must have google accounts
      • if you use gmail (google email), you already have a google account
        • even if you don't use your gmail account, you can still access google drive using it (just be sure to be logged in)
      • if you have a non-google email account and are not sure if you have a google account attached to it
        • check here ("couldn't find your google account" means you do not)
      • if you do not have a google account, please create one
        • you can create an account using your current email if you prefer (on the above sign up page click "I prefer to use my current email address")
        • consider creating a gmail account for your dojo instead of (or in addition to) creating a personal google account. This may make it easier for you to conduct dojo business, especially going forward through officer changes, etc.
        • do not use your child's or an acquaintance's google account
    • a generic place to find folders shared with you (by sckf or others) is
Regardless of the sharing method (old or new), dojo representatives are responsible for protecting the information. Distribute it only on a need-to-know basis, and do not email it or post it publicly.

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