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Google Drive Notes

In January 2016 we will begin trials to use google drive as a means for SCKF to share sensitive files with our dojo members.
  • current method
    • electronic files (eg membership or other application files) are emailed, which is not a secure method to share files
    • printed materials (eg financial reports, budgets, etc) are handed out at board meetings, which does not give adequate time for careful review and discussion
  • online access
    • public areas (eg web pages) are open for the world to see
    • private areas (nonpublic, restricted access cloud storage) are needed to share sensitive information
  • we will go with google drive for the first trials
    • 16 GB free storage ($2/mo for 100GB, $10/mo for 1TB)
    • each dojo will have its own private folder, with access granted to dojo representatives
    • users must have google accounts (non-google users can only be given access to public areas)
  • see CNET review (or other reviews) for cloud storage options
    • SCKF's runner up: dropbox
      • 2.5 GB free ($10/mo for 1TB)
      • users must have dropbox accounts for read/write access
      • dropbox pro supports private read-only access for non-dropbox users?
  • Regardless of the method, dojo representatives are responsible for protecting the files contained within the sckf_dojo folders. Distribute them only on a need-to-know basis, and do not post them publicly.

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