Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Saturday, 1/9/16, Chuo Dojo, 7:30pm
6pm Godo Geiko (hosted by Covina)

FINAL (see bottom)
  1. Approval of meeting agenda
    1. introduce officers and dojo representatives
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes (see note 2 below) [J Yamasaki]
    1. review 2015 meeting attendance
  3. Financial report (see note 3 below) [K Abe]
    1. trial google drive folders [J Kodama]
  4. Old business
    1. SCKF Open Memorial Tournament [M Yu]
      1/24/16, Wilson Park
    2. FIK shinpan seminar [J Kodama]
      1/30-31/16, Toronto Canada
    3. Steveston Tournament [T Yuge]
      2/20/16, Steveston Canada
    4. SCKF New Year's party [J Yamasaki]
      2/7/16, Almansor Court
  5. New business
    1. Calendar and website updates [J Kodama]
      1. SCKF shinpan seminar 2/28/16 (venue?)
      2. SCKF spring shinsa 4/16/16 (venue?)
      3. Nisei Week Kendo Tournament 5/1/16 (venue?)
      4. SCKF kata seminar 7/10/16 (venue?)
      5. Deadline review
    2. funeral for Asai sensei
      11am Fri 1/15/16 at Green Hills Cemetary Chapel, 27501 S Western Ave, Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275. To mail koden, send it to Henry Asai c/o Cliff Asai, 2621 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90064 (payable to Henry S. Asai).
    3. funeral for Fukawa sensei
      1pm Sat 2/6/16: at Orange County Buddhist Church, 909 S Dale Ave, Anaheim CA 92804, followed by reception at 3pm. To mail koden, send it to Raymond Fukawa, 15525 Talbot Dr, La Mirada CA 90638.
    4. Budokan of Los Angeles [J Kodama]
  6. Committee business
    1. Tournament Committee [M Yu]
      1. tournament toban: set up, refreshments
  7. Review action items
  8. Adjourn


  1. Please review the draft agenda and send feedback asap to J Kodama so it can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting (keep watching for updates up until that point)
  2. Please review the minutes and send feedback asap to J Yamasaki so they can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting
  3. The financial report will be available in the google drive folder set up for each dojo.
  4. The following dojo please pick up your menjo at this meeting: JCI, PCI, SB, SS, TOR
  5. Revisions
    1. 1/4/16 initial draft
    2. 1/5/16 updates
      - add I.A. intro officers/reps (new JCI)
      - add II.A. review meeting attendance
    3. 1/6/16 updates
      - add III.A and note 3: google drive folder notes
      - add V.B Asai sensei funeral
      - add V.C Fukawa sensei funeral
      - add V.D Budokan of Los Angeles
      - add note 4: menjo pick up reminder
      - mark as final draft
    4. 1/9/16 final approval at meeting
    5. 1/27/16 III.A link to gdrive_r0.htm (trial google drive notes)

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