Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Saturday, 2/13/16, Chuo Dojo, 7:30pm
6pm Godo Geiko (hosted by Venice and All Nations Church)

FINAL (see bottom)
  1. Approval of meeting agenda
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes (see note 2 below) [J Yamasaki]
  3. Financial report (see note 3 below) [K Abe]
  4. Old business
    1. SCKF Open Memorial Tournament [M Yu]
      1/24/16, Wilson Park
    2. FIK shinpan seminar [J Kodama]
      1/30-31/16, Toronto Canada
    3. SCKF New Year's party [J Yamasaki]
      2/7/16, Almansor Court
    4. Steveston Tournament [T Yuge]
      2/20/16, Steveston Canada
  5. New business
    1. Calendar and website updates [J Kodama]
      1. NCKF Eiga Sensei Seminar 2/20/16 (new link)
      2. SCKF shinpan seminar 2/28/16 (new page, see below)
      3. AUSKF Women's Seminar 3/5-6/16 (new link)
      4. Oda sensei iaido seminar 3/18/16 (new page, see below)
      5. North-South taikai 3/20/16 (new page, see below)
      6. Cleveland/GNEUSKF Tournament 4/1-3/16 (new link)
      7. SCKF spring shinsa 4/16/16 (venue: El Rancho HS)
      8. Nisei Week Tournament 5/1/16 (venue: Almansor Gym)
      9. SCKF individual championships 6/19/16 (date change)
      10. AUSKF junior nationals 6/25-26/16 (new link, see below)
      11. SCKF kata seminar 7/10/16 (venue: El Rancho HS)
      12. All California Open 9/4/16 (new event)
      13. 2016 federation membership dues (new page, see below)
      14. dojo rep update (new Norwalk)
      15. Deadline review
    2. SCKF shinpan seminar [T Yuge]
      2/28/16, El Rancho HS, Pico Rivera
    3. Oda sensei iaido seminar [D Ralutin]
      3/18-19/16, OCB
    4. North-South taikai [M Yu]
      3/20/16, Wilson Park
    5. AUSKF Junior Nationals [M Yu]
      6/25-26/16, Detroit
    6. 2016 federation membership dues [J Kodama]
      google drive dojo folders
  6. Committee business
    1. Education Committee: [B Harada]
      1. AUSKF events:
        Adult Kendo Seminar, 1/16-17/16, Las Vegas
        Team USA Training Camp, 2/20-21/16, San Jose
        Women's Seminar, 3/5-6/16, Huntington Beach
    2. Promotion Committee
      1. approval of new committee chaired by Masashi Shikai
    3. Budokan Committee
      1. approval of new committee chaired by Jean Kodama
  7. Review action items
  8. Adjourn


  1. Please review the draft agenda and send feedback asap to J Kodama so it can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting (keep watching for updates up until that point)
  2. Please review the minutes and send feedback asap to J Yamasaki so they can be finalized by the Wednesday prior to the meeting
  3. Financial report(s) will be available in the google drive reports folder
  4. Revisions
    1. 2/9/16 initial draft
    2. 2/9/16 updates
      - fix Oda sensei seminar links
      - add North-South (V.D)
      - add Junior Nationals (V.E)
    3. 2/10/16 updates
      - SCKC date change confirmed (V.A.9)
      - add All California Open (V.A.12)
      - add education committee report on auskf events (VI.A.1)
      - add new promotion committee (VI.B)
      - add new budokan committee (VI.C)
      - mark as final draft
    4. 2/13/16 final approval at meeting
      - add dojo rep update for Norwalk (V.A.14)
      - mark as final

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