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SCKF Board of Directors Meetings

The following is the schedule for this year's meetings and godo geiko (open practice), generally held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

2016 SCKF Board Meetings and godo geiko, Saturday at Chuo Dojo

    date        godo geiko host (see notes below)
    --------    --------------------------------------------
    01/09/16    Covina
    02/13/16    Venice, All Nations Church
    03/12/16    Costa Mesa
    04/02/16    Torrance
    05/14/16    Westside, Irvine, La Habra
    06/11/16    Alhambra, Industry Sheriff's, Gardena JCI
    07/09/16    Santa Barbara, Seishin, San Fernando Valley
    08/13/16    Sho Tokyo
    09/10/16    Pasadena JCI and San Diego Kendo Bu
    10/08/16    Chuo
    11/05/16    Norwalk
    12/03/16    Gedatsu
    2017        see also 2017-2018 calendar
General notes:
  • Godo geiko is at Chuo Dojo from 6-7pm
    • host dojo please arrive 5:30pm and bring at least 5-6 kenshi (at least 2-3 of them sensei)
  • Board meeting is at Chuo Dojo from 7:30pm
    • Google drive folders will be used to share some meeting materials with dojo representatives and officers
    • no handouts at meetings unless soft copies were provided with the final draft agenda
    • deadline for final draft agenda is the Wednesday prior to the meeting

Notes for meetings moved to 1st Saturday

  • apr (2nd Saturday conflicts with AUSKF Board meeting)
  • nov (2nd Saturday conflicts with AUSKF Board meeting)
  • dec (1st Saturday, per Bylaws)
  1. 7/8/15: initial draft, with godo geiko through April
  2. 7/11/15: update godo geiko (this will be ongoing); May = WS, IRV, LHB
  3. 12/6/15: set this file as home page agenda link default
  4. 1/30/16: add google drive notes
  5. 3/8/16: create "general notes" section, move meeting/keiko info here
  6. 3/29/16: tweak general notes section, add final draft agenda notes
  7. 6/7/16: add links to 2015/2017 summaries and 2017-2018 preliminary calendar

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