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Yutaka Kubota Memorial Kendo Tournament
sponsored by Kubota Nikkei Mortuary
Sunday 2/5/17, 9am
Wilson Park, Torrance

The Kubota Memorial Tournament is held every three years to honor the memory of Kubota Yutaka sensei.

  • application file (due 1/16/17)
  • court duty (xls)
  • program (pdf)
  • schedule
    • 8:00 am     sign-in
    • 8:30 am     sign-in closes (no late participants allowed)
    • 9:00 am     opening ceremony (line up on courts by dojo)
  • Wilson Park map

  • we will be hosting 20 kenshi and sensei from Kanto Gakuin University, Japan
    • two 3dan will be entered in the women's dan division, and three 3dan will be entered in 3dan-4dan (ineligible for perpetual trophies)
    • there will be godo geiko Sat 2/4/17, Wilson Park, 3:30-6pm (see flyer)

  • brackets
  • results
  • 2014 taikai results

tournament information
  • Divisions:
    0 - 6 kyu (13 and under)
    5 - 4 kyu
    3 - 1 kyu
    Adult kyu (18 and older)
    Women's kyu (14 and older)
    Women's dan
    1 - 2 dan
    3 - 4 dan
    5 and above
    Senior A (50 to 59)
    Senior B (60 and older)
    You may only enter one division
  • Tournament Regulations:
    Kyu: 3 minutes, 2 minute extension, Hantei (except semifinal & final)
    Dan: 4 minutes, 2 minute extension, Hantei (except semifinal & final)
    Jodan, nito, tsuki are not valid in the kyu divisions (see SCKF tournament rules and regulations)
  • Tournament Fees:
    Youth kyu (17 and under) $20
    Adult kyu and yudansha $25
    Bento $10
    No show fee $20
The following special tournaments shall determine perpetual trophy winners:
  • junior kyu (youth 4 kyu and below)
    - 1st and 2nd place from 0-6 kyu division
    - 1st and 2nd place from 5-4 kyu divisions
  • senior kyu (youth 3-1 kyu and adult kyu)
    - 1st and 2nd place from 3-1 kyu divisions
    - 1st and 2nd place from adult kyu divisions
  • women's
    - 1st and 2nd place from women's kyu division
    - 1st and 2nd place from women's dan division*
  • yudansha
    - 1st place from 1-2 dan divisions
    - 1st place from 3-4 dan A division*
    - 1st place from 3-4 dan B division
    - 1st place from 5+ dan divisions
* Kanto Gakuin players (KTG) will not compete in the perpetual trophy rounds
Kubota Memorial Tournament results
Note: below, "HM" means kantosho (fighting spirit) award

0-6 Kyu
1st: Ariga T (BTK)
2nd: Dirickson N (TOR)
3rd: Shiono A (CM)
3rd: Jung L (BTK)
HM: Nagai E (GED)
HM: Moon I (SDKB)
HM: Barros-Santiago Q (GJCI)
HM: Ho T (CM)

5-4 Kyu
1st: Chen A (GED)
2nd: Yu P (TOR)
3rd: Chen D (GED)
3rd: Nam D (TOR)
HM: Takubo Y (TOR)
HM: Mizuhashi H (TOR)
HM: Yu P (TOR)
HM: Lim J (IS)

1-2 Dan
1st: Leung J (IS)
2nd: Sugiyama M (STYO)
3rd: Ono C (SDKB)
3rd: Suzuki N (CM)
HM: Kotani B (CM)
HM: Chun S (BTK)
HM: Okawa R (LB)
HM: DeGuzman C (PJCI)

3-4 Dan A
1st: Sato D (KTG)
2nd: Hayakawa F (KTG)
3rd: Hatakeyama J (TOR)
3rd: Morita Y (KTG)

3-4 Dan B
1st: Sakuma Y (LB)
2nd: Ra R (CM)
3rd: Lee K (CHUO)
3rd: Alvarez J (OCB)

5 Dan and above
1st: Brown J (TOR)
2nd: Ariga T (BTK)
3rd: Makino N (UCLA)
3rd: Kikunaga H (SDKB)

3-1 Kyu
1st: Hur B (TOR)
2nd: Sakamoto H (OSU)
3rd: Kim R (TOR)
3rd: Lee J (TOR)
HM: Yu N (COV)
HM: Kobayashi M (TOR)

Adult Kyu
1st: Lin B (COV)
2nd: Shih B (IS)
3rd: Sambo A (SDKB)
3rd: Park J (COV)
HM: Nguyen K (SDKB)
HM: Castrence R (GJCI)
HM: Yin E (CM)
HM: Mizuhashi M (TOR)

Women's Kyu
1st: Satoh R (STYO)
2nd: Saujin Y (DHMK)
3rd: DeGuzman M (PJCI)
3rd: Marconi L (SDKB)

Women's Dan
1st: Suzuki S (KTG)
2nd: Dong A (CM)
3rd: Sasagawa A (KTG)
3rd: Liu K (STYO)
HM: Tada K (STYO)
HM: Towata N (SFV)

Senior Dan A
1st: Yamasaki J (PJCI)
2nd: Lee K (CHUO)
3rd: Chinen M (GED)
3rd: Kinjo K (COV)

Senior Dan B
1st: Chinen K (GED)
2nd: Zembayahi T (PJCI)
3rd: Sakaue M (COV)
3rd: Takahashi K (CM)

Perpetual Trophy Winners
Junior Kyu: Ariga T (BTK)
Senior Kyu: Hur B (TOR)
Women's: Dong A (CM)
Yudansha: Hatakeyama J (TOR)

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