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[aoms,bi] temporary working page

for "committee" on auskf online membership system batch input

general notes

  • the "committee": Jean Kodama started up an email conversation with:
    • the auskf online membership development team (Kotaro Yoshida, Steve Hoff, Travis Stronach)
    • the federations which publicly declared they would be submitting spreadsheets for March membership (SCKO, SCKF, RMKIF, SUSKIF, SWKIF),
    • a couple of federations rumored to be interested (PNKF, AEUSKF)
  • committee goal:
    • to define a baseline spreadsheet and create instructions for submitting march 2017 membership by batch input
    • timeline: asap



  • spreadsheet file, pdf
  • basically the old supplemental file, plus
    • add column G to indicate Y/N for full time student
    • add column J for full-time students
    • add column K for initiation fee
    • add autofill formulas for indicating "1" in the 17&under, 18&over, 18&over full time student, and initiation fee columns
    • add autofill formula for calculating AUSKF fee
    • omit dojo information section (name, address, contact, etc)
    • omit seminars and activity columns
  • basic data conventions
    • date format mm/dd/yy
    • ranks: nkyu (eg 1kyu, 0kyu), ndan (eg 4dan), blank if rank unknown
    • shogo: Renshi, Kyoshi, Hanshi
  • cell highlighting conventions from federation to auskf
    • green means change request (eg fix typo in birthdate)
    • blue means inquiry request (eg what is ausid, rank, rank date, etc)
      must describe the request, including clues, in the comment field
      eg "moving from MWKF, doesn't know his ausid number"
  • cell highlighting conventions from auskf to federation
    • red means error
    • yellow means answer to inquiry request

database development requirements (aka tasks for Steve)
(under development)
  • database features for going live with batch input in march
    • Must have features:
      • export from sql to spreadsheet
        • populate skeleton spreadsheet with 2016 paid members
        • must be used as a starting point for any dojo/federation wishing to submit batch input
        • first test: export for SCKO, SCKF, RMKIF, SUSKIF, SWKIF
      • import from spreadsheet to sql
        • initially only allow an auskf-level admin to do this
    • Very nice to have:
      • download exported spreadsheet using aoms web interface
        • otherwise have to use dropbox and password protection
      • upload spreadsheet using aoms web interface
        • otherwise have to use dropbox and password protection
      • sanity check of spreadsheet
        • otherwise a human has to do all checking
        • highlights discrepancies in spreadsheet vs database (eg name spelling, dojo, etc)
  • database features after march
    • Must have:
      • export/download membership spreadsheet
        used throughout the year to make local event sign up sheets, order forms, track tuition, demographics, etc.
      • "Date Paid" info on members' pages
      • Due date alert emails to both individual and dojo rep (assuming AUSKF will allow new people to join for one full year at a time regardless of which month they join)
    • Nice to have:
      • upload/sanity check/import membership spreadsheet to sql
        used throughout the year for late membership
        loop on sanity check until clean
        only then allow import
      • user-configured exports (more or fewer fields than are present in membership spreadsheet)
      • printer friendly version so members can print their own page and keep for records, creating ID card of sorts
      • training videos (eg SnagIt). Can be easier for non-techy people to understand when issues arise.

process flow
(under development)

None of the requirements could be implemented in time for march membership. In particular:

  • export from sql
    • the export that was possible came from the access database and contained no rank output
  • upload/download to/from sql
    • this means dropbox and excel password protection must be used

Given the above, here is the flow:

  1. any federation wanting to submit via spreadsheet must first
    • request via email a pre-populated spreadsheet from auskf
    • out of band: provide spreadsheet password
    • in addition to setting a password, this lets us know which federations are doing batch input
  2. auskf will then
    • generate a pre-populated spreadsheet (rank info missing)
    • password protect it using the provided password
    • upload it to the federation's dropbox folder
    • email that the file is ready
  3. federation will then
    • download the file from dropbox
    • edit the file (see spreadsheet notes)
    • upload the file to dropbox
    • email that the file is ready
  4. auskf will then
    • download the file from dropbox
    • look up any inquiry request (blue highlighted cell), if found populate cell and change highlighting to yellow
    • sanity check the spreadsheet, highlighting errors and discrepancies
    • upload the file to dropbox
    • email that the file is ready
  5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until no highlighting for errors or discrepancies remains
    • only then will the spreadsheet be accepted to update the sql database

(under development)

Policies/procedures/disclaimers need to be written up and approved by the AUSKF BOD. Some important topics include:

  • Granting of administrative privileges
    • since admins have "front door" access to everything, this is critical
    • need a clear, easy to understand summary of what the different levels of admins can see
    • what is the procedure for requesting and approving admin privileges
    • etc

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