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(also see committee working page for auskf online membership system batch input)

AUSKF 2017 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration


Briefest possible summary of the details below:

  • Request your federationís password-protected official spreadsheet from AUSKF
  • Add "4/1/2017" under "registration day" to register a member
  • Enter "Y" under "college student" to indicate full time student
  • Return the completed password-protected official spreadsheet to AUSKF by 4/15/2017


The new, individualized registration online system will be going live soon. For this yearís membership drive, federations have the choice of using the online system or the old spreadsheet-based system.

For spreadsheet-based registration, we request that you carefully follow the instructions below and post your file by April 15, 2017. Note that the first step is to request your federationís official spreadsheet.

Please make every effort to follow the detailed instructions provided here. In the past, files of vastly different qualities have been submitted, causing multiple problems, including time-consuming cleaning efforts and inaccuracies. Please kindly follow these instructions to minimize such problems.

Youíll see that the spreadsheet has been modified this year to include the following:

  • New fee schedule
    • Adult: $60
    • Youth: $30
    • Full-time student: $30
    • Initiation fee for new ID: $10
  • Autofilled payment fields that enable automatic calculation of fees. This will save you time and ensure accuracy of the payment data.
  • Password-protection (encryption) to better protect your membersí personal information.


  1. Federation requests their official spreadsheet by emailing AUSKF (Treasurer Kotaro Yoshida at to request the federationís official spreadsheet.
    • Note: Federations must take this step in order to use the spreadsheet-based system. Submissions based on last yearís spreadsheet will not be accepted.
  2. AUSKF will then:
    • Generate the official spreadsheet, populating it with 2016 membership data (with rank info missing*)
    • Password-protect the spreadsheet
    • Upload it to the federation's DropBox folder
    • Email that the official spreadsheet is ready and provide the fileís password

    * Please note that due to development constraints, it is currently not possible to export all data for a member (for example, no rank data will be present)

  3. Federation will then:
    • Download their official spreadsheet from DropBox
    • Edit the spreadsheet to reflect 2017 membership (see "Spreadsheet Instructions")
    • Upload the spreadsheet to DropBox
    • Email AUSKF (Treasurer Kotaro Yoshida at that the spreadsheet is ready
  4. AUSKF will then:
    • Download the spreadsheet from DropBox
    • Respond to any inquiry requests (blue highlighted cells), updating the cells and changing the highlighting to yellow
    • Upload the spreadsheet to DropBox
    • Email the federation that either the file needs additional work if there are problems or that the file has been accepted for 2017 registration.
  5. If necessary, repeat steps 3 and 4 until the file has been accepted
  6. AUSKF updates the database and imports the new membersí ID Numbers to the official spreadsheet.
  7. Federation mails one check, payable to All United States Kendo Federation (or AUSKF), to:
    Kotaro Yoshida
    6019 S Ingleside Ave. #704
    Chicago, IL 60637

Spreadsheet Instructions

Here are the instructions for filling out the spreadsheet:
  • The spreadsheet contains 3 tabs:
    • "Sample" tab: contains sample entries that illustrate correct data entry.
    • "2016" tab: roster of last year's members, all on one tab, sorted by dojo name and then ID number within each dojo
    • "2017" tab: contains empty rows for entering your entire federation's registration
      • If you strongly prefer to submit one tab per dojo, create a copy of the "2017" tab for each dojo so that the automatic payment calculations remain in place for all tabs.
  • Enter your federationís data in the "2017" tab.
    • Enter "4/1/2017" under "Registration Day" (column B) to register a member
    • Enter "Y" under "college student" (column G) to indicate a member is 18&over and a full time student
    • Highlight a cell green to indicate a request to change the AUSKF database, for example to change name or if a member changes dojo
    • highlight a cell blue to indicate a request for information from AUSKF, for example an ID number of a member who moved from a different federation
    • Do not alter the autofill section (orange). Its formulas automatically calculate the fee for each member.
  • If a new member already has a rank (obtained in another country, for example), please highlight that rank in green and list what federation awarded that rank in the Comments cell.
  • It has come to AUSKFís attention that the dojo names connected to some members are incorrect in our database. We would appreciate your help identifying them.
    • If the dojo name listed for a member in the "2016" tab is incorrect, please highlight in green that personís dojo cell in the "2017" tab (which will have the correct dojo name) and write "incorrect 2016 dojo name" in the Comments cell.
  • (to be filled in once officially released)
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