Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
Sat-Sun, 4/8-9/17, San Jose CA

  • AUSKF Board meeting, Sat-Sun 4/8-9

    • SCKF areas of inquiry/concern (sent in a 4/6/17 email to AUSKF BoD)

    • selected notes from the meeting
      (in the works)

  • AUSKF kodansha shinsa, Sun 4/9
    • see AUSKF information, including shinsa forms
      • note: shinsa and menjo fees have increased starting Apr'17
    • for SCKF applicants
      • an SCKF external shinsa application form will also need to be filled out
        • applicant section (top): sign, date, and provide information to enable the shinsa advisory board to make an approval decision
        • head instructor section (bottom): just sign and date (other information is intended for requesting ranks 4dan and below outside SCKF)
      • note: if you received 4dan on 5/4/13, you are not eligible for this shinsa
      • deadline for SCKF signature is Wed 3/22/17
        • hand in the application package (AUSKF application form, SCKF form, copy of menjo, written test, and checks payable to All United States Kendo Federation) to Jean Kodama
        • alternatively, mail the application package to
          Jean Kodama, 12909 Glenda St, Cerritos CA 90703
          early enough to ensure it arrives by 3/22, and also send email notification that the package is on the way
      • SCKF will then handle:
        • approval by Shinsa Advisory Board (do NOT contact them yourself)
        • signature by SCKF president
        • express mail to AUSKF
    • congratulations to the following SCKF sensei for passing their exams!
      • 5 Dan: Scott Chang (COV)
      • 5 Dan: Hidenori Kongo (GED)
      • 5 Dan: Suzan Zau (SD)
      • 6 Dan: Jason Brown (TOR)
      • 6 Dan: Dong Jin Huh (TOR)
      • 7 Dan: Kevin Abe (STYO)
      • 7 Dan: Masataka Sakaue (COV)

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