Southern California
Kendo Federation


3rd Letter to AUSKF

(outline approved at 4/1/17 SCKF Board meeting,
email sent 4/6/17 to AUSKF Board of Directors)

Re: Request to AUSKF Regarding Finances and New Membership System

Dear AUSKF Board of Directors,

On behalf of SCKF, please allow me to follow up on our letter of 2/5/17.

  1. re AUSKF finances, we requested minutes, financial reports, and budgets for the past 5 years. To clarify, specific requests include:
    • treasurer and finance committee reports
    • other committee budgets and reports, including BOD (Board of Dirs), EDU (Education), PRM (Promotion), CMP (Competition), IAI (Iaido), SUM (Summer Camp), USC (US Champs), WKC (World Kendo Championshps), FIK (FIK events), PRE (President), MIS (Miscellaneous), and others as appropriate
  2. re the new membership management system, we requested thorough development and testing, addressing security concerns, and batch input (spreadsheet-based) support. To clarify spreadsheet-based support, specific requests include:
    • checking (sanity check spreadsheet against the database, iterate on this until the spreadsheet is clean)
    • import (apply spreadsheet data to update the database)
    • export (output from the database to spreadsheet)
    • validation
      • similar to checking, but with simpler parameters eg age (vs birthdate) and whether currently registered (vs exact registration date)
      • gives go/no go answer per cell without providing member details
      • to be used by event managers such as for shinsa, tournaments, or seminars without needing to grant them visibility to user data
    • all of the above should be thoroughly vetted and tested before going live nationwide
    • all of the above should only available at levels appropriate to granted admin levels
  3. the SCKF Board additionally submits the following
    • request not to be required to send in a menjo check with kodansha shinsa application
    • request that BoD meeting and kodansha shinsa locations and dates be set at least 2 years in advance
    • request that summer camp location and date be set at least 1 year in advance
Again, thank you for all your efforts!

Jean Kodama
President, Southern California Kendo Federation

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