Southern California
Kendo Federation


2017 AUSKF Championships
Fri 6/23 - Sun 6/25, 2017
San Jose, CA

The AUSKF Kendo Championships will be held Fri-Sun 6/23-25/17, immediately following the AUSKF Junior Open Tournament held on Thu 6/22/17.

Congratulations to our US champions!

  • Mashu Sugiyama (senior boys)
  • Akira Minamitani (mudansha)
  • Esther Kim (women's)
  • DJ Huh (men's)
  • Women's team
  • Men's team
  • and all our other medalists (see results, including junior open)

Information from AUSKF

Team SCKF information:

  • Practice schedule:
    date      place          day,time         toban  notes
    --------  -------------  ---------------  -----  ------------------------------
    09/11/16  Norwalk Dojo   Sunday, 8-11:30  STYO
    10/09/16     "            "               TOR
    10/23/16     "            "               NOR
    11/06/16     "            "               COV    end PDT; change in rooms #4,5
    11/20/16     "            "               CM     change in rooms #4,5
    12/18/16     "            "               CHUO   change in rooms #4,5
    01/08/17     "            "               GED    was 1/15
    01/29/17     "            "               IS/SD
    02/12/17     "            "               STYO
    02/26/17     "            "               TOR
    03/12/17     "            "               NOR    start PDT (daylight saving time)
    04/02/17     "            "               COV
    04/23/17     "            "               CM
    05/07/17     "            "               OCB
    05/21/17     "            "               CHUO
    06/04/17     "            "               GED
    06/18/17     "           Sunday, 8-10     IS/SD  end early for send off party
    --------  -------------  ---------------  -----  ------------------------------
    For toban:
    1. gatorade: sixteen 1-gal bottles (orange and lemon-lime)
    2. drinking water: eight 1-gal bottles
    3. 16oz drinking cups: 100
    4. ice: one 20-lb bag
    5. toban dojo: please let the next dojo know the ending inventory.
      Save all receipts and submit to Kevin Abe for reimbursement.
    6. snacks: optional donation by each toban dojo will be greatly appreciated.
      Suggestions include donuts, cookies, fruits, coffee.
    7. toban duty includes emptying the trashcans (gym, kitchen hallways, and outside the main entrance) to the back dumpster, as well as emptying and drying the coolers
    Liability form:
    • all non-Norwalk kenshi and sensei who participate in the practices are required by the Center to sign a guest liability form

  • An elimination tournament was held 12/4/16.
    • dojo forms
    • location:
      • El Rancho High School
        6501 Passons Bl, Pico Rivera CA 90660
        Salcido Auxiliary Gym (at Loch Alene Ave and Homebrook St)
      • see map
    • schedule
      7:30am    volunteers arrive to assist with court set up and kenshi sign in
      8-8:30am  kenshi sign in
      8:30am    shinpan meeting (shinpan please arrive by 8am)
      8:45am    volunteer meeting
      9:00am    start eliminations (4 courts)
    • toban: OCB/LH/IRV

Team SCKF fundraising raffle

  • the goal is for each dojo to sell at least 10 tickets
    • ticket booklets were handed out at the 5/11/17 SCKF Board meeting
      each booklet contains ten $10 tickets
    • due date 6/10/17 SCKF Board meeting
    • make sure name and contact information are filled out on the ticket stub
  • prizes include
    • 4 Shinai from Maruyama Kendo Supply
    • 3 Shinai bags from KendoStyle
    • 1 pair of Kote from EikoBudogu USA
    • 1 pair of Kote from Tozando
    • 3 Tsuba donated by Tomoji Kato Sensei
    • 1 5mm Bogu set from Mazkiya
  • Thank you to our sponsors!
SCKF tshirt
  • though not strictly tied to Team SCKF, the federation is making available a tshirt which people attending the Championships are encouraged to purchase and wear to show your support
  • click on the thumbnail below to see a larger image

  • price $13, due date 6/9/17
  • see the dojo order form for details: xlsx, pdf
    note: the main requirement is to provide the aggregate numbers for the order; place for people's names is included on the form for the convenience of each dojo to collect and fulfill orders
  • tshirt specs including size measurements: adult, youth

Send-Off Party

  • The Team SCKF send-off party was held at Norwalk Dojo on 6/18 (the last practice before the Championships). Practice ended 10am and the party started as soon as possible afterwards.
  • set up in the side parking lot (east side of the gym)
  • potluck
  • contact Mrs Sugiyama (Sho Tokyo) if you have questions

Victory Party

  • The Team SCKF victory party will be held at Dave and Busters in the City of Orange from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, August 26th.
  • see flyer
  • price: $20 (team members and coaches free)
  • address: 20 City Blvd W Orange, CA 92868
  • hard deadline 8/9/17 to send sign up sheet to Yuji Hosokawa
    please sign up by dojo, not individually

SCKF results (for full results see AUSKF news article)

  • US Championships
    • Junior Girls
      • 3rd: Naomi Yu
      • FS: Mika Nikaido
      • FS: Daphne Chen
    • Senior Girls
      • 2nd: Jamie Tada
      • 3rd: Ririka Satoh
      • 3rd: Taery Kim
    • Senior Boys
      • 1st: Mashu Sugiyama
    • Mudansha
      • 1st: Akira Minamitani
      • 2nd: Christina Lin
      • FS: Kai-Lin Jang
    • Women's
      • 1st: Esther Kim
      • 3rd: Yuri Kil
    • Men's
      • 1st: Dong Jin Huh
      • 3rd: Ken Mizobe
      • FS: Julian Williams
    • Team Divisions
      • 2nd: Junior Boys
        • Chen Ahmik, Hur Benjamin, Kim Kyle, Nam Dave, Suzuki Noah, Hosokawa Yuji (coach)
      • 3rd: Girls
        • Kim Taery, Maekawa Sakiko, Satoh Ririka, Tada Jamie, Chen Daphne, Huh Kevin (coach)
      • 3rd: Senior Boys
        • Lee James, Nakayama Noah, Sueki Nathan, Sugiyama Mashu, Yoon John, Shinada Shuntaro (coach)
      • 2nd: Mudansha
        • Choi Eun Seok, Jang Kai-Lin, Lin Christina, Lin Keng-Si Ben, Minamitani Akira, Harada Brandon (coach)
      • 3rd: Senior
        • Anderson Emi, Chinen Katsuo, Kinjo Katsuhide, Kobayashi Kaz, Maekawa Yoshiaki, Kato Tomoji (coach)
      • 1st: Women's
        • Arima Yui, Dong Allyson, Fu Linda, Kil Yuri, Kim Esther, Liu Kay Chia Wei, Tada Kasey, Huh Kevin (coach)
      • 1st: Men's
        • Brown Jason, Chang Jeffrey, Hatakeyama Jarrod, Huh Dong Jin, Maekawa Shunsuke, Mizobe Kenichiro, Williams Julian, Yang Danny (coach)
  • Junior Open SCKF results
    • 10-11
      • 3rd: Peter Yu
      • FS: Taisho Shiono
    • 12-13
      • 2nd: Dave Nam
      • FS: Andrew Kang
      • FS: Yosuke Takubo
    • 14-15
      • FS: Benjamin Hur
    • 13 and under girls
      • 1st: Daphne Chen
      • 2nd: Grace Huh
      • FS: Naomi Yu
    • 14-18 girls
      • FS: Ririka Satoh
      • FS: Taery Kim
    • Team divisons
      • 3rd: youth SCK A
        • Shiono Taisho, Yu Peter, Huh Jacob
      • 2nd: girls SCK A
        • Tada Jamie, Kim Taery, Satoh Ririka
      • 3rd: girls SCK B
        • Huh Grace, Maekawa Sakiko, Chen Daphne
  • notes:
SCKF shinpan
  • Thank you to the following sensei for serving as shinpan at the Junior Open and US Championships: K Abe, E Anderson, K Arima, J Park, Y Shikai, T Shoraku, T Yuge
  • shinpan information packet


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