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Kendo Federation


SCKF Women's Seminar
Sat-Sun 10/21-22/17, Norwalk

The SCKF women's seminar will be held at Norwalk Dojo on October 21st and 22nd, 2017. Women from all AUSKF federations are cordially invited!

Seminar instructors:

   Kodama, Jean    Kendo Renshi 6th Dan    
   Tew, Saeko      Kendo Renshi 6th Dan    
   Shikai, Yuriko  Kendo Renshi 6th Dan
   Anderson, Emi   Kendo Renshi 6th Dan  

Seminar information:

  • where
  • when
    • 10/21-22/2017
    • schedule
      • Sat 12:30pm registration
      • Sat 1:00pm-5:00pm in gym
        • kendo seminar
      • Sat 5:30pm-8:30pm in meeting room
        • dinner, presentations, and discussion
        • mostly done by 7:30pm
      • Sun 8:30am-11:30am in gym
        • kendo seminar
      • Sun 12:00pm-2:00pm in meeting room
        • lunch, presentations, and discussion
        • mostly done by 1:00pm
    • changing area will be on the stage, open approximately one hour before the sessions start (noon Saturday, 7:30am Sunday)
    • please try to attend all four parts, as they are integral pieces of the whole
  • who
    • female kenshi
    • age 14 and above
    • rank 4kyu and above
      • lower ranks ok with head instructor approval, but must be in full bogu and have close to 4kyu-level skills
  • fees, form, and deadlines
    • $30 early bird sign up (for applications received by 10/7)
    • $40 final sign up (for applications received after 10/7)
    • final deadline 10/14
    • flat fee, includes lunch and dinner
    • application form: xls, pdf
    • email application form to Jean Kodama (
      and mail check to Jean Kodama, 12909 Glenda St, Cerritos CA 90703
    • make checks payable to Southern California Kendo Federation
  • liability release forms
    • participants (or parents of minors) must sign a liability release form
      • if you previously signed a release form but it was prior to September 2017, please sign this updated version
    • parents must sign a consent for medical treatment form for minors
    • if you haven't already, please also sign an AUSKF liability release form
    • either mail the forms with the check or bring them to the seminar
  • meals and refreshments
    • practice: water, fresh fruit
    • dinner: chinese dishes
    • lunch: korean dishes (kimbab, dukbokki), salad, fruit
    • there will be vegetarian options for both lunch and dinner
  • donations cheerfully accepted!
    • it's not potluck, but if you'd like to bring something for dinner or lunch:
      • desserts
      • beverages
      • dishes (especially if you have special dietary needs)
    • other ideas? please contact us
We are planning a unique experience for women kenshi to get together, learn some new things, and have some fun. Please spread the word!

Thank you so much to:

  • NCKF and SCKO for bringing so many participants to the seminar!
  • cash and gift donations from
    • Carolyn Yatomi (SCKO president)
    • Cece Choi (Tustin Dojo, WKF)
    • Elizabeth Pederson (Sacramento Kendo Club)
    • Aileen Niizawa Morris (Sacramento Kendo Club)
    • Palo Alto Kendo Dojo
    • Norwalk Kendo Dojo
  • Norwalk Dojo members Linda Fu, Kay Yoon, Sumi Domen, and Brian Yoon for taking care of refreshments, dinner, lunch, and the classrooms/kitchen

Group photo:

click on thumbnail above for large image (5.1MB)

  • Row 1 (bottom, left to right): Kanon Saito (VEN), Yuka Onitsuka (SAL), Aika Onitsuka (SAL), Colleen Fan (PA), Amira Chou (SAL), Lydia Miles (STYO), Josephine Wu (COV), Wendy Lau (SF), Saujin Yi (DHMK), Dagmar Becker (PA)

  • Row 2 (seated): Cece Choi (TUS), Kaori Kikunaga (SJ), Emi Anderson (STYO), Jean Kodama (NOR), Saeko Tew (COV), Yukiko Miura (LB), Hisano Nohara (BKD)

  • Row 3 (standing): Allison Dong (VEN), Linda Fu (NOR), Grace An (SJ), Mia Ishikawa (BKD), Shiori Segawa (GAR), Carolyn Yatomi (OSULA), Christina Lin (COV), Mariko Kato (COV), Noriko Towata (SFV), Erica Tam (SJ), Jewon Lee (GAR), Akiyo Kawamura (PA), Masayo Higuchi (COV), Lee Uchida (BKD), Grace Kikuchi (TOR), Kristin Kho (SF), Eugena Shihyung (COV)

  • Row 4 (top): Naomi Chan (COV), Emi Ichimura (PA), Kyoko Yamaguchi (SJ), Silas Lai (UCLA), Kimi Wang (UCLA), Elizabeth Pedersen (SAC), Aileen Niizawa-Morris (SAC), Tsu-Li Liew (SJ), Masumi Sasaki(SFV)

  • dojo abbreviations
    BKD   Butokuden Dojo (SCKO)
    COV   Covina Kendo Dojo (SCKF)
    DHMK  Dae Han Mu Do Kwan (SCKO)
    GAR   Gardena Kendo Dojo (SCKO)
    LB    Long Beach Kendo Dojo (SCKO)
    NOR   Norwalk Kendo Dojo (SCKF)
    OSULA Osaka Sangyo University Los Angeles (SCKO)
    PA    Palo Alto Kendo Club (NCKF)
    SAL   Salinas Kendo Dojo (NCKF)
    SF    San Francisco Kendo Dojo (NCKF)
    SFV   San Fernando Kendo Dojo (SCKF)
    SJ    San Jose Kendo Dojo (NCKF)
    STYO  Sho-Tokyo Kendo Dojo (SCKF)
    TOR   Torrance Kendo Club (SCKF)
    TUS   Tustin Kendo Dojo (WKF)
    UCLA  University of California Los Angeles Kendo Club (SCKO)
    VEN   Venice Kendo Dojo (SCKF) 

Detailed schedule:

  • Saturday
    12:30 Registration (pick up seminar booklets)
          Change on stage, get ready for kendo in gym
     1:00 Welcome
          Warm up
     2:15 Break
     2:30 Group photo
     2:45 Kihon
     3:30 Waza
     4:30 Mawari geiko
     5:00 End kendo
     5:30 Move to meeting room
     6:15 Remarks
          What's in my bogu bag
          More Q/A
     8:30 End 
  • Sunday
     8:30 Reigi, dogu
          Warm up
    10:15 Break
    10:25 Split into groups by age
            for kihon, waza
    11:30 End kendo
    12:00 Move to meeting room
          What's in my bogu bag
     1:30 End 

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