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4th Letter to AUSKF, sent 11/5/2017

(per discussion at 11/4/17 SCKF Board meeting, AUSKF's decision stated in their 10/11/17 letter was confirmed prior to sending out the response below; see also summary notes)

Re: Request to AUSKF Regarding Finances and New Membership System

Dear AUSKF Board of Directors,

Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, we feel that our issues have not been resolved. Of note, we believe AUSKF is required by California nonprofit law to give us the minutes and financial reports we requested. However, we have also concluded that we can use such materials already in the possession of colleagues, and plan to do so to fulfill our responsibility to our own members.

Furthermore, we never received a response to our follow up letter of April 6.

We request that this email thread (which includes our 2/5/17 and 4/6/17 letters) be added to the AUSKF meeting agenda for 11/11-12/17. Although some items have been partially addressed, many have not. In addition to providing ongoing spreadsheet-based support, the online database system needs to be reviewed both technically and legally.

With due respect,
Jean Kodama
President, Southern California Kendo Federation

See 5th letter to AUSKF, sent 4/8/18

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