Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF New Year's Party
Sunday, 1/14/18

  • When:
    • Sunday 1/14/18, 12 to 3pm
  • Where:
    • Almansor Court (map)
      700 South Almansor Street, Alhambra CA 91801
  • Cost:
    • $40 per person (drinks not included)
    • $20 for children ages 3 to 10
    • no charge for advisor, cabinet, or guest (but please be sure to to list on form)
    • each dojo please pay with one check instead of individually; bring it to the party
    • each dojo please donate one door prize, value $50 or more

  • Please RSVP to Yamasaki sensei (
    • see rsvp form (xlsx)
      mark "advisor", "cabinet" (officer), "guest" (see list below)
      all others mark "$40" ($20 for child)
    • deadline: 1/5/18
    • every dojo is expected to participate (attendees and door prize)!
    • dojo counts
      ALH      1
      CHUO     8
      CM       5
      COV      8   
      GED      6
      IE       2
      IS       3
      IRV/LHB  0
      JCI      8
      LOS      2
      NOR      3
      OCB      3
      PCI     12
      SB       0
      SD       5
      SFV      0
      SS       0
      STYO     7
      TOR      7
      VEN      1
      guests  10
      total   91

  • Guests (note: not all will be in attendance)
    • special guests
      Kubota Nikkei Mortuary (Mr Hiro Suzuki, Ms Nina Suzuki)
      Mr Shige Higashi (Publisher/Editor of Cultural News)
      Kendo Style (Arthur Shih)
      Mazkiya USA (Matsumoto family)
      Mr and Mrs George Nakano (Director Emeritus)
      The Honorable Gary Yamauchi and Mrs Yamauchi (Alhambra councilmember)
      Mr and Mrs Jesse James (Nikkei Games)
      Mr and Mrs Art Ishii (Nikkei Games)
      Mr and Mrs Glenn Tanaka (Nikkei Games)
      Mr and Mrs Wallace Chan (Nikkei Games)
      Mr and Mrs Teddy Matsumoto (Nikkei Games)
      Ms Chris Aihara (Budokan of Los Angeles)
      Ms Kimberly Kawasaki (Budokan of Los Angeles)
      Mr Mike Murase (Budokan of Los Angeles)
      Mr Scott Ito (Budokan of Los Angeles)
    • new 4 dan
      In Ho Cho (NOR)
      Richard Ra (CM)
      Terima Nagatani (CHUO)
    • new 5 dan
      Scott Chang (COV)
      Hidenori Kongo (GED)
      Suzan Zau (SD)
      Jarrod Hatakeyama (TOR)
      Zembayashi Takaya (PJCI)
      Steven Kim (COV)
    • new 6 dan
      Jason Brown (TOR)
      Dong Jin Huh (TOR)
      Shun Shigematsu (TOR)
    • new 7 dan
      Kevin Abe (STYO)
      Masataka Sakaue (COV)
    • SCKF officers
      President: Jean Kodama
      1st Vice President: Kevin Abe
      2nd Vice President: Michael Yu
      3rd Vice President: Brandon Harada
      Executive Secretary: Steve Timbrook
      Treasurers: Kevin Abe, William Honda
      Public Relations: Kohjiro Kinno, Yuji Hosokawa
      Recording Secretary: James Yamasaki
    • SCKF advisors
      Masashi Shikai
      Tim Yuge
      James Yamasaki

location, price, and time were decided at the December Board meeting
  • restaurant choices
    (if you have other suggestions please email Jean Kodama asap)

    note: prices below have applied 9% tax and 18% tip

    1. Almansor Court Sunday brunch buffet
      • price: $38.52
      • address: 700 S Almansor St, Alhambra, CA 91801
      • see details
    2. Almansor Court fixed menu
      • price: $32.16 (assumes $25 base price)
      • address: 700 S Almansor St, Alhambra, CA 91801
      • details tbd
    3. Royal Garden Chinese restaurant
      • price: $30.61, $34.47, $39.61, $43.47, etc
      • address: 11828 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703
        (southeast corner of South St and Pioneer Blvd)
      • see details
    4. Moo Barbecue (Korean BBQ fixed menu in private room)
      • price: $42.44
      • address: 11746 South St, Artesia, CA 90701
        (southwest corner of South St and Pioneer Blvd)
      • see details
      • minimum 50 people; opens 11am but food ready to serve 12:30pm
        Sunday all-you-can-eat buffet is $27.01 (main floor)
    5. Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant
      • price: $21.62, $29.33, $38.33, $46.05
      • address: 17901 Pioneer Blvd K, Artesia, CA 90701
      • see details
      • no private room, would set aside tables further in restaurant

  • price to charge attendees
  • start time
    note: Team SCKF practice has been moved to this morning and will end at 11am

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